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Name of the faculty : Ms. Pragyan Paramita Das

Academic Title : Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise : Organizational behavior and Human Resources

University : Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar 

Email :

Research Area Interests Work Life Balance of Women Executives   

  • MBA(2007-2009) from Delhi Productivity Council Institute of Management.
  • M.Sc(Cytogenetics)2000-from Ravenshaw University.
  • B.Sc(1997) (Zoology) Utkal University
  • Bhagwant group of Instituites,Noida, Muzaffarnagar.Lecturer(2009-2010)
  • Veera College of Engineering & Management, haridwar Road,U.P,Asst- Professor,(2010-2011).
  • Arya School of Management & IT,BBSR Asst Professor (2011-2013).
  • Krupajal Business Management College Asst Professor (2014-16)(Visiting).
  • BSES,Nehru Place, New Delhi,HR trainee ,2008 May 2008 Oct

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

  • Corporate Social Responsibility,2015,9.5.2015,Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • HR Interventions in Corporates,2016,10.5.2016,HR Interventions in Corporates,
  • Leadership & its Role Business Management,2016,2.3.2016,Issues & Challenges in Business Management.
    International: WLB of Working Women In Various Organisation & Its Consequences(A Study on BBSR City:Organisation Behaviour & HRM ISSN-10384111 SCOPUS ID-11400153332.
    National: WLB of Working Women In ICICI & SBI of BBSR City.Employee Engagement &Its Significance in todays ERA, AIMS sponsored Conference

Member of NIPM, Delhi & Kolkata Chapter

Work Life Balance of Women Executives, A comparative study in SBI & ICICI banks of Odisha.

Message for The Students :

The world is going through unprecedented change. Challenging times like these test the strength, character and tenacity of the individual and mankindEducation should be geared, not merely for fulfilling professional aspirations, but towards a much greater Destiny, beyond Sect, Creed, Gender or Nationality. The Future calls for you, the Youth, to fulfil that higher purpose in life. ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGED WORLD ORDER????     

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