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To realize the primary needs of the students, staff and all the stakeholders of the College and to secure civil liberties for everybody, a Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted.

The Grievance Redressal Cell at RCM focuses on genuine problems and complaints of students and faculty members. The cell is intended to give a fair hearing to any complaint and to find their respective and appropriate solutions. It holds meetings periodically and takes necessary steps to redress grievances. The Grievance Redressal Committee has been constituted by the Principal and consists of faculty members, staff, and students.

Important notes for the students and faculty members

  • Students and faculty members are encouraged to use the suggestion boxes placed in various sections all around the campus at the RCM, to express grievances and constructive suggestions.
  • They may also approach the members of the cell or any of their other faculty members with respect to their issues.
  • Students and faculty members are informed that making a complaint is a serious issue and therefore they should use this power responsibly.
  • The college ensures when students and faculty members make a complaint, it is dealt with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.

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