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It enables students to have a practical understanding of the business process, enhances student understanding of the current technology.

  • It helps in providing industry exposure to the students. Industry visit would also enhance their decision-making abilities. This is implemented to upgrade industrial connectivity, thereby enabling future placements for the students.
  • It helps students with industry exposure and gives practical orientation to the curriculum. In addition, institution-industry relationship enables their future placement. Industrial tours are conducted frequently. Theoretical know-how and practical applications are important to groom the Management students.
  • Realizing the importance of practical experience, RCM has made industrial tour mandatory for its students. Visits to industrial establishments and production sites are arranged for the students to give them an opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge and practical insight into the working of an organization.
  • In addition to it, interactive sessions with corporate managers/leaders are arranged during the visits. Students submit write-ups and presentations are made in the class, which promotes team spirit and learning among themselves.

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