First management college in town


Regional College of Management offers an exceptional student life experience with high-quality facilities, a well-stocked library, a vibrant extracurricular scene, and a supportive environment that encourages personal and academic growth.

Student Facility

RCM features modern libraries, upgraded campus, advanced IT and communication labs, comfortable guest and residential facilities, and well-equipped lecture theaters.

Clubs and Organization

CLUBS are an integral part of the RCM experience. They enable students to explore their ideas in which they are interested as well as to discover new activities and ideas.


Experienced Faculties

The faculty members hold a rich experience in the field of Management and Technology. They carry their research experience into the classroom and impart the knowledge to the students.


Student @ RCM

The institution offers, A variety of student-centered prospects for leadership skills, social activities, and community involvement. It also has excellent housing, health, and safety facilities. There are more ways to meet and interact with students from various backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, economic, and social). 

Student Life

MCA students

Student Affairs

Enhance the student experience and to assist students in the meeting the many demands of their personal and academic life.

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Clubs and Organizations

Meet new people, pursue your interests and enrich your understanding the world and the people.

Rcm Hostel


Enhance the student experience and to assist students in the meeting the many demands of their personal and academic life.

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Art & Culture

At RCM, we promote the transformative power of art and culture in shaping our beliefs and values as individuals and societies. As an institution of values we emphasize the importance of recognizing and preserving our cultural heritage, as well as promoting the arts as a means of personal and collective growth. Be here to witness our legacy in rich culture that helps in shaping our world.

Architecting your Future through Innovative measures

Regional College of Management offers a supportive, caring & healthy campus environ for the students to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The Institution has a broad range of student-centered options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement. It also provides excellent facilities in housing, health, and safety.

There is an expanded opportunity to meet and interact with students of diverse backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, economic and social).

Religious and Spiritual Life

RCM fosters openness to & respect for the various religious traditions. The temple of Lord Jagannath, located inside the campus helps students along with the faculties and staffs nurture a spiritual environment. Students organize and celebrate every festival inside the campus.

Socio-Cultural Engagement

Regional College of Management offers students multiple opportunities for community involvement through grants, trips, and volunteering. The institute spearheads various social initiatives such as No Sound No Smoke Diwali, Shakti, Garbita Mun Odia, and more.

Career Development Service

RCM provides comprehensive career planning and job search support for students. This includes career counseling, on-campus interviews, job vacancy postings, resume assistance, workshops, job fairs, and referrals to other campus agencies.

Student Life at RCM College: A Thriving and Engaging Experience

Our campus is buzzing with student-run clubs and organizations that cover a broad spectrum of interests. Joining these clubs provides you with the opportunity to explore your hobbies, develop new skills, and network with like-minded individuals. From entrepreneurship and environmental activism to cultural appreciation and academic societies, our clubs offer a platform to grow personally and professionally.