Students Life

Architecting your Future through Innovative measures

Regional College of Management offers a supportive, caring & healthy campus environ for the students to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The Institution has a broad range of student-centered options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement. It also provides excellent facilities in housing, health, and safety.

There is an expanded opportunity to meet and interact with students of diverse backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, economic and social).

Religious and Spiritual Life

RCM fosters openness to & respect for the various religious traditions. The temple of Lord Jagannath, located inside the campus helps students along with the faculties and staffs nurture a spiritual environment. Students organize and celebrate every festival inside the campus.

Socio-Cultural Engagement

Regional College of Management is committed to service and opportunities abound for student’s involvement through grants, trips, and volunteerism for the society’s development. The Institute serves as the focal point for various social initiatives for students like No Sound No Smoke Diwalee, Shakti, Garbita Mun Odia and more.

Career Development Service

RCM offers career planning and total job search assistance to its students. These services include career counseling, on-campus interviewing schedules, employment opportunities bulletin, job vacancy postings, and assistance with career search correspondence such as resumes, career workshops and seminars, annual job fairs and referral to other campus agencies.