Collaboration for Effective Learning


Collaboration for Effective Learning

The student service in RCM has always been active in helping students in matters of need. The student service works with administrators, student coordinators, and community members to inform the students of the ways they can be involved in the college. It helps foster friendships between students and mentors. These include clubs, study groups, mentoring sessions, etc.


Personal Counseling

A number of experienced staff members are available to give students assistance with personal matters if required.



A unique proposition among B-Schools is the concept of mentoring introduced at RCM college. Nine students are assigned to One faculty.


Computer facilities

RCM hosts one of the largest and sophisticated laboratories with a capacity of 500 desktops spread across three labs.


Sports Activities

RCM encourages different sport activities among the students. We are particularily proud of our basketball, volleyball teams


Library (Gyan Sagar)

RCM believes that exhaustive learning resources are a significant step towards the future of quality education. RCM Gyan Sagar


RCM Alumni Association

The alumni – college relationship is one of mutual enhancement, in which RCM offers its alumni: