Students Services

Collaboration for Effective Learning

Personal Counseling

A number of experienced staff members are available to give students assistance with personal matters if required. if further help is required or needed, a professional counselor can be arranged. RCM faculty, staff and students sublime together as a family evolving always to help each other.


A unique proposition among B-Schools is the concept of mentoring introduced at RCM college. Nine students are assigned to One faculty who not only monitors and counsels a student in academic excellence and achievements but works with the team to develop and enhance skills of communication, interaction and other vital abilities of the individual.

Computer facilities

RCM hosts one of the largest and sophisticated laboratories with a capacity of 500 desktops spread across three labs being Aryabhat, Creative Vision and the e-library at gyan sagar. All nodes are equipped multimedia machines with a giga network and a campus wide backbone in 100% fibre optics providing redundant connectivity and access to resources of internet at a blazing 20 MBPS link and also extranet.

Up to date software applications including internet, intranet and exchange email along with other MIS apps are available to students, who are required to use these tools to complete there courseware.

Sports Activities

RCM encourages different sport activities among the students. We are particularily proud of our basketball, volleyball, soccer and cricket teams. Every year we organize different inter-division, inter-campus and inter-college championship for our students to engage themselves in sports activities.

Library (Gyan Sagar)

RCM believes that exhaustive learning resources are a significant step towards the future of quality education. All students have full access to our online libraries and are encouraged to make use of this and other exhaustive volumes of text books, articles, national and international journals, casestudies etc. these learning resources are available to borrow from the campus library.

RCM Alumni Association

The alumni – college relationship is one of mutual enhancement, in which RCM offers its alumni:
  • Networking opportunities with former classmates and faculty members through the alumni grid and also on campus
  • Continuing education opportunities through seminars, conferences and discussion groups
  • Events organized by RCM to re-connect with old friends and also to visit campus and share there experiences with the current students