Management Development Program


Management Developmental Program Center of RCM, focuses on skill improvement, interacting ability, confidence building, competence, capacity of managing projects in a cross cultural environment.

Management Development Program at RCM aims at the managerial development within the structured scenario & synergetic system of organizational behavior with value addition to recognize functional areas such as:

  • Develop effective training programs based on experimental learning models.
  • Maximize individual potential of students through soft skills training programs.
  • Facilitate students to achieve clarity to professional goals and alignment with personal vision.
  • Provide support to students in the form of individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Personality Grooming (Communication, Presentation Skills, Body Language, Team Dynamics)
  • Soft Skills Development Workshops (Interpersonal Leadership, Conflict Management, Handling Failure and Criticism and other activities)
  • Cognitive restructuring (to enhance clarity of thought, reasoning and positive attitude)
  • Individual & Group Counseling Sessions (to resolve barriers of personal growth and maximize individual potential)

RCM also has a Centre for Global Leadership (CGL). It aims at preparing the managerial aspirants to meet the challenges of the corporate world. In the current globalized scenario, a management professional is required to be skilled in:

  • Flexible and effective communication skills
  • Effective use of body language
  • More than average knowledge on one or two foreign languages besides English

Combined Graduate Level (CGL) emphasizes all the three empowerments mentioned above within the limitation of available resources. It has Personality Growth Laboratory in collaboration with IIT, Kharagpur, equipped with modern technical tools. Students are given personal and practical training in postures, gestures, expressions, tonal variations and pitch-pace-rhythm in team and solo presentations. Group discussions, interfaces, panel and job interviews are held in the simulation of corporate realities. Vocabulary development exercises, role play, inter and intra corporate encounters, confabulations and discussions are done, from time to time, over, and above the class work.