Fee Structure

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We are pleased that you are considering RCM to further your education. RCM will develop the professional skills you need to thrive in today's business society.

We understand that choosing a college is one of the most challenging decisions you will face in your life. we also believe that RCM is an excellent choice & we are here to help you in your decision making. we invite you to learn as much as possible about RCM: visit our campus, meet current students & alumni and see how RCM is aligned with your educational and professional goals. At RCM, your peers & faculty from around the world will challenge and stimulate you. You will find a caring, flexible environment where you will grow both personally and intellectually.Admissions at RCM is limited, so we urge you to submit your application as soon as possible. By applying early, you will be given full consideration for admission and we will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.The admission requirements and procedures are designed to assist applicants by answering their questions and to help RCM select from a qualified pool of students. Applicants of the college are evaluated on the strength of their applications as a whole and consideration is given to student’s qualities and abilities: leadership potential, academic achievements, performance on standardized tests like CAT/MAT/XAT/JEE/ATMA, extracurricular activities and other personal as well as professional experiences which is judged from the group discussion and personal interview conducted in different locations.



Fee Structure for BCA

Course Fee For BCA: Rs. 2,20,000/-
During AdmissionRs. 20, 000/-
1st SemesterRs. 34, 000/-
2nd SemesterRs. 34, 000/-
3rd SemesterRs. 34,000/-
4th SemesterRs. 34,000/-
5th SemesterRs. 34,000/-
6th SemesterRs. 30,000/-
Course Fee For BBA: Rs. 2,40,000/-
During AdmissionRs. 20, 000/-
1st SemesterRs. 37, 000/-
2nd SemesterRs. 37, 000/-
3rd SemesterRs. 37,000/-
4th SemesterRs. 37,000/-
5th SemesterRs. 37,000/-
6th SemesterRs. 35,000/-


Fee Structure for BBA


Fee Structure for MBA

Course Fee For MBA: Rs. 3,40,000/-
During AdmissionRs. 60, 000/-
1st SemesterRs. 85, 000/-
2nd SemesterRs. 85, 000/-
3rd SemesterRs. 55,000/-
4th SemesterRs. 55,000/-
Course Fee For PGDM: Rs. 3,90,000/- & RS. 4,30,000/- (With Global Certification)
During AdmissionRs. 60, 000/-
1st TrimesterRs. 70, 000/-
2nd TrimesterRs. 70, 000/-
3rd TrimesterRs. 70,000/-
4th TrimesterRs. 60,000/-
5th TrimesterRs. 60,000/-
6th TrimesterRs. 40,000/- (Only for Global Certification)


Fee Structure for PGDM


Fee Structure for MA-TA

Course Fee For MATA: Rs. 1,80,000/-
During AdmissionRs. 20, 000/-
1st SemesterRs. 40, 000/-
2nd SemesterRs. 40, 000/-
3rd SemesterRs. 40,000/-
4th SemesterRs. 40,000/-


Hostel Fees
Per YearAC RoomNon-AC Room
2 BededRs. 60, 000/-Rs. 45, 000/-
3 BededRs. 50, 000/-Rs. 35, 000/-
4 BededRs. 38, 000/-Rs. 25, 000/-


Per MonthRs. 3, 000/-