Academic Honesty

Honesty Is Our Policy

Academic Honesty is an Essential Aspect of all Learning and is One of the Most Important Values Taken into Account by Academic Communities Throughout the World.

It is inadmissible for any college to unwind its scholastic esteems, and no undergrad ought to be held to anything besides the most elevated desires of morals, genuineness, and honesty.

RCM follows strict standards of academic honesty to which all students must adhere. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to plagiarism, actual or attempted theft of academic records or examinations and alteration of grades.

RCM holds its students and employees to the most elevated principles of academic respectability. We prepare each employee to recognize academic dishonesty. We utilize restrictive programming to look at each paper put together by our students against billions of Internet records, personnel papers, and scholarly and media articles, so as to guarantee inventiveness.

Each associated occurrence with scholarly deceitfulness is explored by three separate groups of experts utilized by the college, and we make prompt and conclusive move whenever an infringement is affirmed. There are no special cases to this run the show. Students who are observed to be disregarding our academic honesty rules confront suspension or expulsion from the college.