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Placement in RCM

Regional College of Management (RCM) has achieved the successful completion of campus placements for the year 2018-19. The record was of 94% for the MBA and PGDM batch of 2017-2019. The industry has yet again made renewed commitment to our students by offering diverse profiles. 

Bringing Out The Best Minds

To accomplish the aim to secure a great job, a dedicated team will be working throughout the academic sessions.  With the resolute support of faculty memberscollege students will thrive in their niche. The presence of infrastructure facilities like conference room and seminar hallsassists the students to become productive and proactive. These are equipped with modern technology like projectors, desktops, and laptops to ensure that the students get maximum academic advantage.  

RCM College is significant in producing value creators for the organizations across the globe. This is owing to their holistic personality development trainings the students receive at the Institute. Every year Fortune 500 companies participate in campus placement offering excellent career opportunities to the students.


Fixing a successful future for a career is a top priority for a student.

Getting the confidence and finality of setting a sure shot path to your success is of epitome importance. 

Regional College of Management’s Placement plan focuses on increasing the potential of students. A wide variety of inclusive trainings are carried out for the student’s’ all-round development.  

The Career Development activity begins as early possible. Prepare yourself for an uber successful career for the future from the first semester itself. It is led by a team of Placement Trainers and Faculty members. Care and attention are given to the training and development programs so that they are effective and strategically aligned.  

Life Skills Development classes

In this steadily changing environment, life skills have become of paramount importance. To cope up with the ever changing and increasing pace of recent times, students need life skills now more than ever. 

As a part of Life Skills Development, students are helped with learning new ways to deal with stress and frustration.  

The students are trained in various fields of personality development and communicational skills. The trainings can considerably improve the student’s Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Personality Development and help ace HR interviews. This has been proven to be an amazing advantage to secure a perfect placement in the year 2023. 


To empower the students with pre-placement training to get employed in campus placement.