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The B. Com degree seems to be one of the most apparent options for graduation for all commerce students. However, based on the current circumstances, a variety of avenues have opened up for commerce students to pursue their passions, and they are zealously putting their talents to the test in these areas. After graduation, commerce majors can choose to pursue careers in taxation, accounting, banking, etc., or prepare for the CA, CWA, or CS exams.

The B.Com. programme is more theoretical in nature and does not provide students with the necessary exposure to or knowledge of the real world. But in today’s cutthroat job market, graduates need more than just a degree and a theoretical understanding to land a high-paying position and gain exposure to other cultures. The next question is what options there are for post-graduation following a B.Com.

B.Com. students frequently struggle with the decision of whether to pursue PGDM or M.Com. programs. Are you one of the students looking for safe, secure, and fruitful opportunities for your future after graduation? If so, pursue a PGDM after earning your B.Com. is unquestionably the appropriate move. In this article, we’ll explain why.

Opens a Variety of Domains:

The post-graduate programme known as PGDM gives students a variety of specialisation options. For B.Com. students in particular are not simply restricted to the finance field and can discover their interests in other fields as well. These areas are developing along with the market environment, expanding on the real talents, pursuits, and potential careers of the students. Even before entering the corporate sector, the PGDM provides students with practical management experience.

Builds a well-rounded Personality:

But it simply isn’t enough. For you to stand out in the corporate world, you need to be knowledgeable and instill a variety of abilities and personality traits in your character. Professionals working in the corporate world must be outstanding managers in order to hold key positions and be capable leaders. PGDM courses are the ideal setting for enhancing your management aptitude while also growing your entire self.

A Potential Career Path:

PGDM graduates are now at the pinnacle of every business game and ladder. After earning your B.Com., you can further your business and management-related knowledge and abilities with a practical focus by pursuing a PGDM. The main foundation is experiential learning. For B.Com. students, it offers a variety of employment options as well as specialisation in HR, finance, marketing, and other fields.

Ensures an Effective Networking:

The PGDM exposes and educates you about various disciplines, which leads to job opportunities across industries. They make it possible for you to network successfully. More professionals find opportunities in their work paths as there are more options available. This opens opportunities for prospective career advancement, and professionals attract hefty wages and deserving promotions.

The Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar, ranked as the 4th best Eastern B-school in India is a great opportunity for B.Com. students as well as PGDM aspirants to pursue their post-graduation with the foremost management institution in Odisha. With a legacy of 40+ years leading the management industry with a pool of faculty and infrastructure that can be referred to as second to none in the country. The Regional Global B-School, an additional wing of RCM, expands the wing further in the field of PGDM specializations. We at RCM and RGBS all together provide a wide range of courses and specialisations to graduate and postgraduate students to help them make their mark in varied industries and fields.

We welcome new learners to check out our website to learn more about our college and PGDM courses.


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