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Founded in 2011, BYJU’s is a global Indian company that provides online tutoring and educational technology. The business offers online tutoring and educational services through its learning application, which includes interactive video courses, practice questions, and personalized support. 

In addition to providing educational services, BYJU’s also has a large recruitment division that hires employees across a range of roles, including content development, technology, marketing, and sales. The company has a reputation for offering challenging and dynamic work environments, as well as opportunities for growth and professional development. Edtech is a strong and growing company that does significant hiring and onboards new employees virtually and seamlessly across roles and domains. 

The recruitment process for both mid-level and top management positions is done across the country to ensure a diverse talent pool. Furthermore, a large number of students from the Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar, as well as other prestigious institutions, were placed in its process of harnessing the young generation to unleash their potential.  

Student Get Placed

Sai Kr. Maddi

MBA 2021-23