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Hike Edu is a relatively new company that provides online tutoring and education services. Hike Edu is a technology-driven education company that provides online tutoring and education services. The company was founded with the mission of making quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of location or financial background. Hike Edu offers personalised and interactive tutoring sessions led by experienced and qualified teachers, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the student experience. The company operates primarily in India and is known for its innovative approach to education. Hike Edu’s services are aimed at students of all ages, from primary school to higher education, and the company is continuously expanding its offerings to reach more students and provide them with a high-quality education. As a relatively new company, it may not have a long history of recruiting from colleges and universities. However, Hike Edu, in a search for a potential employer, had engaged highly skilled and competent graduates from the Regional College of Management in Bhubaneswar and expanded its offerings to reach more and more students. 

Student Get Placed

MD. Sufian

PGDM 2021-23

Harishankar Sadangi

PGDM 2021-23

Manoj Pani

PGDM 2021-23