An Ensured Transition From Alma Mater To Trade School

The evolution of a larva into a beautiful butterfly begins similar to that of a student’s career growing within its protecting casing of school life getting ready to shed its skin to radically transfer its knowledge into an optimum sphere of the vast world of knowledge by gaining higher education. Though the set of skills required in both the context, but college requires skill that have be mostly carried away by students with guidance from a respective institution. The transitional phase is what that makes the difference in an academic career of a student. The skills that we have and the need to develop them plays a vital role in the evolving process of a student from a school to a college life. Some basic required skills to be possessed by a student can be of concerns such as:  

  • Students need to focus on having an advanced study skill.  
  • They must have a good hand at time management skills.  
  • They must work on motivation and self-discipline.  
  • They ought to start making practices like note making of the study materials.  
  • Students must explore themselves to new subjects to learn from.  
  • Students must have an indulging and positive mindset that would help them to get into the flow to ease the transitional process.  
  • Students are proposed to develop assertiveness with others to have a healthy and friendly environment.  
  • Students are suggested to avoid procrastination in order to come over the fear of putting off hard work and develop management skills to break down large projects into manageable tasks.  
  • Students must identify expert mentors who can suggest the direction to the gate way of their respective careers.   

The expectation of students to get indulged in an optimum institution with an assured faculty fulfilling the criteria of its basic needs required by a student after schooling is the right of a every student. The need to choose an institution facilitating all adequate requirement is an essential task to be done as the future of a student depends on the qualitative and quantitative amount of knowledge a student acquires in an academic intuition. As righteously stated, “Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.” The Regional School of Management, Bhubaneswar facilities a life changing opportunity to the students fetching for an institution that can provide a turning point in their careers. It is an experienced institution of 39 years in providing 492480 teachings hours to 15,000 and above alumnus in a campus ranging about 135000 sq feet with an access to library of book volume around 25,169 and other facilities that its students have a free access to avail. Indeed, it is the best B-School affiliated by AICTE. The educational institution has every urge fulfilled to uplift the career graph of an alumnus as it considers students as its priority of concern. As well said by Catherine Pulsifer “Life presents many choices, the choices we make determines our future.” At end of the day choices that we make matters as the consequences reflects in the conclusion.


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  1. Rohit Kumar

    Every good blog on the transition period of the student. Students should focus on the pointers, what going to help them very much in future. Very informative content for the budding generation.

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