Procrastination- Antihero in Time Management

Procrastination is considered to be one of the major problems in a student’s life. The word procrastination is derived from the Latin word, ‘Pro’ meaning “in favor of” and ‘cras’ meaning “tomorrow.” Thus, procrastination is defined as “the act of delaying things.”

It is important for you to learn tools that can handle this antihero. The foremost occurrence of procrastination in an individual’s life is due to too many decisions that come their way and when they are unable to handle the most important ones.  

Some of the great ways in which you can put a stop to procrastination are:  

  • Plan your day in advance: Planning your day beforehand can save your entire days’ time. Take a pen and paper and note every important task.  
  • Emphasize essential result areas: Ascertain and decide on the work that needs to be completed to get positive results by working on it the whole day long. 
  • Follow the Law of three: Focus on the three important things first that will contribute to 90% of your day’s work. Try to get them done before anything else. 
  • Try to take baby steps:  To complete a complicated task, try to take one step at a time. This will help reduce your tension and thereby you can focus effectively on your heavy schedule.  
  • Pressurize yourself: For example, if you have a vacation planned and you have to leave the town in a month, but you have some unfinished tasks.  What you can do is, get done with more important ones before leaving. You can do so by putting some pressure on yourself which is at times really necessary. 
  • Use technology wisely: Using technology to better the quality of your communication and gaining effective information is a good thing. But letting yourself to become the slave of technology is nothing but creating more room for procrastination. 
  • Keep motivating yourself into action: You can become your own cheerleader by forming an optimistic approach towards every situation whether good or bad. Focusing more on solutions than problems can keep you highly motivated.  
  • Build a point of urgency: Make it a habit to cover your key tasks first. Create a sense of urgency within you which will help you in future workspace. Doing things quickly with full efficiency will make you a punctual and self-driven individual. 

You might have come across various ways or advice in which you can stop procrastination. Sometimes you may have taken it seriously and other times you have just ignored the advice. Therefore, everything comes down to you. How you can become disciplined and self-driven in order to cope with this key aspect of your life in an effective way. After you are successful in defeating Procrastination – “Antihero in Time Management”, you will be able to find sufficient time and could come out as a winner in every stage of your life.  

While addressing King Yudhishthira, in Mahabharata, Bhishma said that who is plans for the future, and who has a great presence of mind, will always enjoy happiness in life. However, the man of procrastination, will always stand as a looser.  


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