Happiness – A Secret Passage To Congenial Monotony 

As stated, “Happiness is an inside job”- by William Arthur Ward, the best feasible way to a happy life is to start by taking initial step by putting it into action from width of every individual. To direct the path towards a healthy and successful life the foremost thing to do is to start focusing on the things that would bring you happiness as it is preferred to be today’s new pathway to a healthy and successful life. The environment that we are surrounded by and the way we deal with it works as a foundational base in constructing the pillar of life. To seal the stamp to a lucrative future we need to understand the essence of happiness. Often the happiness that we seek lies within us, but it might get disrupted sometimes which shall be enhanced to reduce risk of an unhealthy life. The management of self in correspondence to the environment is the deal to be cracked to lead a happy and healthy life. Lowering stress levels over a period of years with a positive outlook and following relaxation techniques could act as a helping hand to lead a happy life. The current work in medical and clinical psychology had stated the reverse of that- “a good health led to happiness” with recent studies updated it with- “Happier people are healthier”.  

Some points that would help an individual to activate a passage to congenial monotony are: 

  • By feeling good by maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. 
  • By accessing self-engaged for pursuing activities that would explore satisfaction in day-to-day activities. 
  • By Doing good to other. 
  • To be engaged in searching for meaning outside yourself. 
  • By acknowledging your true self and acting in accordance with your virtues. 
  • To acknowledge the things that we love to a great extent would make us lose awareness of time. 
  • By building positive emotions with savoring techniques. 
  • By Participating in activities that are not passive and you have some reach of control over it. 
  • By clicking effortlessly with the flow of activities. 
  • To work on Expressing gratitude to appreciate something that is kind and helpful. 
  • By Building social engagement by absorption and flow of appropriation for one’s level of skill
  • To work on building a meaningful and purposeful life to entail the connection to positive institutions such as families, school, communities, and societies. 
  • Finding the meaning of life to have a clear goal and value for one to pursue and imbues actions with purpose. 

We hereby conclude that the secret passage to a successful and healthy life can be achieved by getting trained in acquiring the skills to achieve happiness. The concern and need for happiness must be prioritized by the policymakers and government to work on the upgradation of society to a healthy and successful place to live in.  

At the end as Quoted by Thich Nhat Hanh- “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way” the only way to lead a sound and successful life depends on the one’s outlook and ability to deal with it. 


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  1. I like some specified points of congenial monotony to differentiate from others, and it helps with, how you can deal with the downgrade thoughts.

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