You are currently viewing Is There A Chance Of Indian Govt policies to Focus On Ukraine returnees career! 

Is There A Chance Of Indian Govt policies to Focus On Ukraine returnees career! 

According to the survey, every year thousands of students from India fly abroad to study and among them students who pursue for medicine, which is estimated, 20,000-25,000 approx. goes to country like Russia, China, and Ukraine for medical studies. 

Now the main concern of the entire country like India is that what all major steps Govt will take forward to ensures these students those were evacuated from Ukraine to India due to ongoing Russia-Ukraine War to carry forward their studies in India. 

According to the record sources by Ministry of Civil Aviation, around 20,000 students were evacuated from Ukraine so far under #OperationGanga by special civilian flights from Ukraine’s neighboring countries. 

The urge and constant bust-up about the future career in taking hand the current scenario till normalcy comes ,the Govt of India and all the state Govts came up with ‘those students who had completed their education can complete their MBBS  internship according to NMC [ National Medical Commissions ] as long as they have cleared the [FMGE]  , Foreign medical graduate exam before applying for the internships’ and the registrations of FMGE has been extended to these war-returnees MBBS student. 

While the students those who still pursuing their medicine studies are at a harm on how to operate the next step. Taking in point to this uncertain situation and future of thousands of students, MP of Rajya Sabha, Prasanna Acharya has urged the Union health Minister , Mansukh L. Mandaviya  to plan alternative plans and measures for continuation of the half left studies of the students to secure the future of these students in the letter and has requested for immediate thoughts as these medical students have left behind all the certificates and original documents of the admission in those universities due to ongoing war. 

This ongoing War of Russia-Ukraine not just a key factor that is evolving round these medical students who are returning to their homeland especially by the  tremendous efforts of Indian Govt with #OperationGanga but also , in a view of larger aspect the war is affecting the Global education in a broad screen and for the citizens of Ukraine and the students who were now praying for the uncertain future of them. 


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  1. Sasmita Samal

    It is a World Wide Issue. In My point of view Indian Government take some immediate steps for ukraine Retuness students for their career

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