Avoid 5 Mistakes When Applying To B-School

MBA has become the most desirable program in few decades. Industries including Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, EdTech, FMCG, and many more are preferring MBA professionals since 2015. The demand for MBA courses is also accelerating day by day. It is expected to find the admission process challenging for students since the course demand is extremely high.  

It is untestable that every business school get thousands application, but they shortlist the ideal applicants after a rigorous process. This is the reason one should stand out from the ordinary in the summons. Sometimes students commit few mistakes because of rushing to get in. Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes that are the reason for being rejected by B-school

  1. Sending The Same Essay To Every School 

Every business school has a specific selection criterion for giving admission. Each school wants a logical answer which states that the course is the right fit for the students. Writing one generic essay for different schools might kill the possibilities of explaining all the points. You must understand that they want enthusiastic and smart students who has respect and knowledge about the course as well as their college.   

  1. Talk A Lot About Past Achievements 

Communication is a way by which you can impress anyone but talking about the past gives a bad impression on others. They think that you are not future-oriented. So, talk about your upcoming goals and how the course can help you to achieve them. 

  1. Not Stick To Instructions 

Each school gives instructions for the questions and not following them can be proved inauthentic. Whatever they ask is really related to the college and course. Sometimes the students misinterpret the question. One should know that overexplaining can ruin the chances to get in the college.  

  1. Being Inconsistent 

This is a single chance to show the admission committee how dedicated you are to join the course. If you will write an essay that has a long story and is inconsistent. This can mislead them that you are confused or over writing to become a go-getter. It is needed to build a strong profile with the help of a consistent tale which can later help you to be authentic during the personal interview.  

  1. Wrong Answer For Why The Program Is The Right Fit For You 

The B-schools are strategic and shortlist the students who understand the value of course and explain it properly. In case, you would not be able to give the right answer to the question then there is no point to expect any response form them. Before sending the answers, make a list of all the reasons of pursuing Management course and all the skills which matches the course. Try to relate the course with your skills.  

Conclusion: Getting admission to business school is a steppingstone in a student’s professional life. It needs proper attention to avoid the known errors to develop the skills and be the master to level up your career.   


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