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Collaboration for Effective Learning

Regional College of Management has started a Research Department with a Director, Dean along with Research Committee actively working to co-ordinate Research in frontier areas of societal benefit.

The National and International conference of Regional College of Management Autonomous brings together hundreds of faculty members from campuses nationwide to explore the newest ideas in teaching and learning; hear the latest research; and discuss the state of today’s changing classroom.


  • Chances are good it will make them better teachers.
  • It’s a great way to go beyond lip service and demonstrate support of teaching.
  • It’s an event that inspires faculty. All teachers need a lift like that every now and then, especially after they’ve taught faithfully for a number of years.
  • It’s an event where teachers learn–about the pedagogical practices that work, about relevant research and about how students learn.
  • Attendees share what they learned with other faculty during the conference and after the conference.
  • It’s a way to reward a special effort, like curriculum development, preparation for accreditation, a new program for them.

Author(s) Name: Prof. (Dr.) Prabir Pal

Paper TitlePublisherYear
A Hand book of Management Cases: An Indian perspectiveAlok Publication2003
Insurance Theory and PracticePHI Publication2004

Author(s) Name: Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Mangaraj

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Human Resource Development PracticesHimalaya Publishing House, New Delhi1999
International Conference Volume entitled "Management Beyond Boundaries")RCM in collaboration with AICTE2001
International Conference volume entitled "Challenges of Globalization in Leveraging Human ResourcesRCM in collaboration with IIRA2001
A Handbook of Management Cases : An Indian Perspective (ED)Alok Publication Bhubaneswar2003
Globalization and HRM (Ed.)Excel Publishing House,New Delhi2006
Human resource Planning PracticesMahamaya Publishing,New Delhi2006
Dynamics of Change Management, Globalization and Human Resource Management (Ed.)Excel Publishing, New Delhi2008
Modern HR needs in Globalized Economy and the Role of HR Audit, Globalization and Human Resource Management (Ed.)Excel Publishing, New Delhi2008
Globalization, QWL and Productivity Globalization and Human Resource Management (Ed)Excel Publishing, New Delhi2008
Information Technology, Globalization and the New Knowledge Based Economy, Globalization and Human Resource Management (Ed.)Excel Publishing, New Delhi2008
Globalization and Human Resource Management, Globalization and Human Resource Management (Ed.)Excel Publishing, New Delhi2008
Women work Participation and Empowerment: problems and prospects (Ed.)S. Murty, K.D.Gaur, RBSA publishers SMS Highway, Jaipur.2002
Towards a Positive work culture through OD. Evolving performing organisations through people: A Global AgendaNew Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 1995.1995

Author(s) Name: Mr. Saraju Prasad

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Tourism MarketingICFAI publishing Home2007
Investment BankingExcel2006

Author(s) Name: Prof. (Dr.) Anup Kumar Samantaray

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Management Structure & ProcessHimalaya Publishing House2010
Organisational BehaviourIndia Tech Publication2009
Business law Himalaya Publishing House2009

Author(s) Name: Prof. Bijaya Kumar Sundaray

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Human Relations LegislationsVrinda Publications2011
Industrial RelationsHimalaya Publishing House2009

Author(s) Name: Prof. Subash Chandra Nath

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Organization Structure and ManagementVrinda Publications (P) Ltd., New Delhi2009
CRM- Perspectives in the present organizationsHimalaya Publishing House2010

Author(s) Name: Prof. Soumendra Kumar Patra

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Managerial Economics Text and Cases (Submitted)Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd., New Delhi2011
Operations Research Techniques for Managers (Submitted)Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd., New Delhi2011

Author(s) Name: Prof. Suddhendu Narayan Misra

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Basics of Tourism ManagementExcel Books2008
Splendours of India TourismOxford (In press)2010

Author(s) Name: Dr. Ashok Kumar Rath

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Company A/C for +3 commerceDDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-
Corporate Accounting DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-
Financial Management DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-
Business Regulatory Framework DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-
BL & Economic Environment DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-

Author(s) Name: Mr. Raj Kumar Panigrahi

Paper TitlePublisherYear
Tourist Product of IndiaPHI0