Research Centers

Collaboration for Effective Learning

To facilitate and enhance the quality of research and consultancy, the institute has adopted the following policies

  • The Institute conducts faculty development programs (FDP) at regular intervals every year inviting luminaries/Professors of eminence from various academic institutions who provide inputs on Case study development, case method of teaching , Techniques to write research papers, technique of conducting quality research and subject specific FDPs.
  • The faculty development policy of the institute has made it mandatory for every faculty to publish at least two research papers in a year. The faculty is also required to publish a book once in every two years.
  • Encouragement is given to the faculty in the form of financial incentives for such purpose.
  • Faculty members are also sent to different refresher courses, orientation programmes, QIPs, FDPs, seminars, conferences etc. conducted by various universities which also help them to enhance their capability to conduct research.

The institute has already adopted a policy guideline to encourage quality research among the faculties. The policy guideline in this context is given below.

Publication of Text Books (Maximum two in a year) 1 10.000 20.000
Publication of Research Papers International - 10000 National - 3000 Seminar proceedings- 2000 - - 15.000