Collaboration for Effective Learning

Conference is a must-attend event for those dedicated to pedagogical excellence.

The National and International conference of Regional College of Management Autonomous brings together hundreds of faculty members from campuses nationwide to explore the newest ideas in teaching and learning; hear the latest research; and discuss the state of today’s changing classroom.


  • Chances are good it will make them better teachers.
  • It’s a great way to go beyond lip service and demonstrate support of teaching.
  • It’s an event that inspires faculty. All teachers need a lift like that every now and then, especially after they’ve taught faithfully for a number of years.
  • It’s an event where teachers learn–about the pedagogical practices that work, about relevant research and about how students learn.
  • Attendees share what they learned with other faculty during the conference and after the conference.
  • It’s a way to reward a special effort, like curriculum development, preparation for accreditation, a new program for them.

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