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Unified Faculty Recruitment Portal Launched By UGC For Central Universities

The portal conducts the entire hiring process online, from application to screening, and notifies all portal users of any changes. Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), announced the inauguration of the unified faculty recruitment website CU-Chayan on Tuesday.

The platform, which was created by UGC in collaboration with the vice-chancellors of all central institutions, meets the demands of all parties involved in the hiring process.

According to Kumar, the portal offers a centralised location for posting job openings, advertisements, and job listings for all Central institutions. With alerts for all portal users, the site completely conducts the hiring process online, from application to screening.

According to Kumar, there will be a single applicant login for applying to any or all Central universities. Real-time tracking of applicants will be possible through this portal.

Similarly, there will be a personalized dashboard for each applicant and an admin dashboard for each university or department. Also, there will be real-time analysis and application insights, Kumar added.

“For applicants, the platform offers a range of features, including a consolidated listing of jobs opening across all participating universities, a single login for applying to any of the universities, and a personalized dashboard to help manage the application process. The applicant can also search for jobs using various filters like university name, location, designation, category, subject, type of employment, experience, education level, etc.,” the UGC Chairman elaborated.

From the applicants’ perspective, they will be able to access the faculty application process at any CU from this single portal. They can keep updating their application from the dashboard and apply to any Central University that has advertised faculty positions. Registered applicants will also get emails informing them about the new vacancies advertised by universities, he added.

He said that all future recruitments will take place through the portal.

The portal will not affect the autonomy of Central Universities in filling faculty positions. Using this portal, universities will continue to advertise the positions, collect online applicants, shortlist the applicants, conduct the interviews, and appoint the faculty members as they were doing earlier, Kumar explained.

(Source: OTV News)

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