How To Become The Ideal Applicant For Your “Dream Job”!

When the placement season comes around, comes with time to gear up for students. The fruits of all that planning, research, and proposal submission (followed by sleepless nights) have now materialized. Candidates prepare to enter a shared room with recruiters with dreams in mind, to land on the “Dream Job“.

However, the onset of the pandemic with digital transition has had a significant impact on how various industries operate. Prior to a few years ago, dream jobs like “data scientist” and “business intelligence analyst” were unheard of. These positions are currently in high demand.

As market trends continue to evolve, the learning experience has to grow beyond the classroom walls. Students need to be provided with training in developed business acumen to match the market trends.

So, how do applicants stand out from the crowd to attract recruiters’ attention?

Grooming Talents For New-Age Roles:

Getting your dream job by the end of the final year is the top priority of every MBA aspirant. Students enroll in colleges with the goal of securing the best “in-market” roles. They must be knowledgeable about the most recent business trends and requirements for that. Recruiters’ preferences have changed over the years.

With, web 4.0 knocking around the corner, companies now look for tech-savvy individuals who possess an aptitude for digital adoption. Many modern positions, including Product Management, Business Analysis, Data Science, and others, lead RCM’s placement season. In order to reach new milestones, the Regional College of Management keeps redefining its placement path.

Dream Job In Leading Companies Make Up The Largest Share:

It goes without saying that consulting positions are the best option to land a high-paying dream job. Leading consulting firms visit the leading B-schools to identify and hire the most qualified applicants. Over 40 years, of recruiting in RCM for placements, come from leading industries including EY, Deloitte, and KPMG.

This achievement is a result of RCM’s pedagogy, which emphasizes the growth of the learner’s listening abilities and open-mindedness. Using a thorough teaching approach, students are taught interpersonal skills to improve connections and pave the way for fruitful collaboration.

Becoming A Recruiter’s Choice for the “Dream Job“:

This is the era of analytics jobs, whether one wants to accept that or not. Leading businesses are often looking for subject matter experts in this area. Recruiters are looking for candidates who can use analytics to solve a business problem.

The Summer Internship Programme of RCM’s methodology aims to develop people’s business acumen by exposing them to the actual business world. Talents at RCM become assets across several verticals by fusing holistic aptitudes with a corporate touch is a center of talent acquisition. RCM has frequently written success tales using a continuous learning strategy, recording outstanding results in the recent placement season.

Why Are You Holding Out?

While searching for the best B-Schools, a dream job at a dream firm is generally an MBA candidate’s top priority. The Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar works tirelessly to assist students in realizing and pursuing their career goals. RCM sets new records every year with about 500 recruiters from various businesses as a testament to the placement record.

All the best for your future!

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