Job Readiness program

The Need to Know the Importance of Job Readiness program.

Job readiness is critical for management students because it prepares them for success in their future careers. Management students must have the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the workforce and contribute positively to their organisations.

A Few Guidelines For Why Management Students Should Focus On Their Job Readiness.

  1. Boosts employability: the job-readiness program or workshops help a student in management fields become more ready for an industry, or we can say make them more employable by training them with the skills and knowledge needed by employers. Now, one should hire if that individual has those relevant skills and ensure that they are prepared to meet all these requirements.
  2. Develops the performance level: a job readiness program can really improve performance in the workplace. By preparing for the challenges that they will face on the job, they will be better able to deal with those challenges and succeed in their roles.
  1. Building Confidence: For students studying management, job readiness training can be beneficial. Students are more likely to accept new challenges and responsibilities, which can result in career success when they have faith in their abilities.
  2. Promotes a professional image: Training for the workplace can help management students act more professionally. Professional conduct and effective communication are key to success in the workplace, and job-readiness programs can help students learn these skills as well as how to establish relationships with co-workers and clients.

RCM is conducting a 2-day intensive workshop on the ‘Job-Readiness Programme” for undergraduates of educational institutions across Odisha.

RCM wants to assist the youth of Odisha in finding a direction in their careers and becoming industry-ready after training 15,700 students who are now employed by Hindustan Unilever, Cadbury’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Wipro, Infosys, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, and top banks. For undergraduates in educational institutions throughout Odisha, RCM is running a 2-days intensive workshop on the “Job-Readiness Program.”

In The Workshop, “Job-Readiness Program,” Students Will Learn How To:

  • Determine the industry in which they should pursue a career.
  • Determine skill sets that go with their personality and educational history.
  • Personality development for future readiness
  • Create the newest resume, then get updated templates.
  • Interview etiquette and grooming
  • Top responses to common interview questions
  • Possibilities to apply for jobs via RCM.
  • Free counseling for future career direction

This will help them choose a world where they can regulate their own future paths, uphold the reputation of their college, and create a fulfilling and prosperous career for themselves.
The workshop will guarantee interaction with experts, real-time demonstrations, infotainment activities, small group learning experiences, and fun.

To Sum Up:

For management students, being job-ready is essential because it sets them up for success in their future careers. Job-readiness programmes can assist management students in achieving their career goals and making a positive contribution to their organizations by enhancing their employability scope, enhancing their performance, building confidence, and promoting professionalism.

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