Method of Placements

The First Step To Success

How RCM Prepares You

Don’t consider tests to be born from doubt, but as a way to discover strengths. RCM makes no exception when it comes to giving our students top-notch training to prepare them for placements.

With over 180 students recruited in 2019, RCM has a well-established record in placing its students in some of the top companies across the Globe. Our highly dedicated placement guide team trains the students to give the best performance in their placement endeavors. The team coordinateness with the students as well as with the company recruiters to present the perfect placement procedure. The main objective is for the placement process to run smoothly without any hiccups.

RCM’s Career Development services help candidates find their niche in the job sector. Having a high reputation among companies, RCM stands true to its promises to provide a competitive edge for a ton of opportunities.

Seminars and Workshops

The candidates are presented with tremendous opportunities to hone their soft and hard skills for a smooth placement process. The candidates’ presentation skills, interview skills, and real-life case study skills are prepared for any challenges.

Panel Discussions

Effective discussions on specific topics, mainly on career development, will assist the students in benefiting massively for their interview preparations. Experts on the subject partake their experiences on the subjects for a better understanding of the students.

Past Records

The exceptional and highly commendable placement records are a reason for pride and joy to RCM. We provide an attestation to the competency, talent, skills, and the meritorious contribution from the faculty and make it possible for the candidates to be recruited into both national and international companies.