Career Choices in the Post Pandemic World – Important Tips to Follow

Just out of your B-School? Worried about which career option to opt for in the post-pandemic world?  

We have you covered! 

All of us would agree with the fact that Covid-19 has made us rethink the way we function in our daily lives, the choices that we make, the career options that we opt for, the way we operate, everything! In short, it has made our lives take a 360-degree turn! 

As an impact of Covid-19, we have understood the power of technology. It has made all of us more technology-dependent on all aspects of our life, be it education, work, payments, anything, and everything we can think of is now technologically powered and technologically driven! 

Students who have passed out of their colleges after pursuing their education online might be confused about career prospects in the situation currently prevailing, but do not worry, we will guide you with a list of career choices to look for in the post-pandemic world. 


Tourism is such an industry that would never see a downfall because no matter what happens people will never stop taking breaks and going on vacation. Covid 19, though it affected the tourism industry a lot, is again gaining its momentum back, and is definitely one of the best career options to look out for! The MA-TA program at RCM would teach you the art of Tourism and open various career avenues for you. 


Banking/Finance as an industry would never see a dip because they are the pillars of our economy. 

Without them, our economy would not be able to function. Banking/Finance offers ample scope in various fields like – banking, broking, consulting, funds management, insurance, etc. 

It also allows job opportunities with corporates, in financial markets, or with the government. It is also a discipline that can take you anywhere in the world. 

At RCM, Odisha, MBA Financial Management is designed with a special focus on management accounting, sustainable business development, and strategic model development. 


Education is a profession where you can see the impact that you are having around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously upended the education industry. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, where teaching is delivered remotely and on digital platforms. 



Digital Marketing:  

Digital Marketing has evolved drastically with time! The pandemic made business shift their marketing strategies to digital and in some cases change their business model to one that is more skewed to online. Businesses have realized that to succeed in the neo-digital era, they need to establish their online presence, and since digital marketing is a new and dynamic concept, with no specific theory in place, brands often need specialists to guide them with strategy and execution. 

Digital Marketing RCM



If you are looking into possibilities for a new profession or career growth and wondering what a good career choice is, the IT industry should be at the top of your list! The Information Technology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide! The next twenty years will give birth to new opportunities and see the evolution of existing careers because IT is the foundation on which other industries rest. 

Health Care:  

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that when change happens, we must adapt accordingly. This has been particularly evident in the healthcare world, as doctors and nurses have been assigned the task of quickly learning how to fight COVID-19. Healthcare is widely viewed as a recession-proof sector. The healthcare sector has and will always be the one that would never see any recession. The opportunities that the healthcare industry offers are enormous – starting from operations to patient services, to brand management to F&B, and the list goes on! 

So, it is particularly important to select your specialization properly, so that you can opt for your desired career option.  

Educate yourself, think wisely before you opt for a career option, think about your long-term plans, the career prospects in that particular field, and then go ahead because you need to remember that once you select your career field, it cannot be undone! 

We, at RCM Odisha, not only mentor and guide you to selecting the career options for you, but also ensure that we provide you placements so that you can bridge the gap between your dreams and reality and soar higher! 


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