Smart Campus and Hitech Classroom

A smart campus is one that uses state-of-the-art network infrastructure and internet-connected devices to provide supportive and engaging experiences. 

Higher education facilities worldwide emphasize smart campus design to improve student outcomes, lower costs, and future-proof their schools.  

Advantages of Smart Class: 

A Smart Class is an updated classroom with educational technology that cultivates education by opening doors to digital teaching and learning methods for teachers and students, coordinating the latest technological advances with academics. Smart Class technology ensures that education reaches all students with various levels of understanding. Additionally, implementing this type of education in the classroom increases student-teacher interaction and collaboration. Under the umbrella of the smart campus, various campus-wide solutions such as smart microgrid, smart classrooms, visual and thermal property control of buildings, welcoming of students by facial recognition/smart card have been implemented.  

Impact of Smart Classes: 

Our fully equipped campus with Wi-Fi allows students to excel in today’s information age with advanced pedagogy such as live lectures, experiential learning, video streaming, and online projects. It also allows information to flow smoothly between the different stack holders in the ecosystem. To make the learning experience more interesting and understandable, we have added new advanced teaching methods. We have implemented smart classrooms to enable our students to learn in a high-tech way. These smart technology classrooms consist of a digital board connected to computers, a multimedia projector with the audio output device, and the software that connects all these devices together. All of this enables the faculty members to provide high-quality education to the students. These smart classrooms are designed according to AICTE guidelines. 

In each of our steps, we are trying to adapt to the “Hybrid Learning System” which helps students make a better connection with instructors. Smart classrooms also help engage students’ full attention to lectures by presenting course material in a more interesting way via multimedia systems. Apart from the technology, the architecture of our classrooms is also designed in a very systematic way, which makes them well ventilated and lighted. The classrooms are also very spacious and feature high-quality furnishings to accommodate the full force of the class with comfort. 

Regional College of Management, Odisha has rated the best college in Eastern India and was established with the intention to provide a solution to all educational needs under one roof. It aims to create an environment for students that will not just arm them with the right kind of knowledge, but also develop them as well-rounded members of society. 


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  1. Smart campus with Hitech classroom solve the education system in a better way and it will boost the tech guy to achieve their dreams on limited period of time.

  2. Good to see my college now develop it’s teaching style by introducing Hitech classrooms. The management focuses on the new teaching technics. It will surely attracts new age students.

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