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Do you dream of a job that is linked to travel and the knowledge of other cultures? Are you an experienced traveler who has learned another language or two? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider studying a Master in Tourism Administration. 

What is Tourism Management? 

The Master in Tourism Administration (MATA) is a course that focuses on areas such as travel, administration, hospitality, and aviation management. The course helps prepare students for a professional career in the field of tourism. Students who are interested in a career in tourism can choose this course. MATA is a degree whose most common specialization is travel and tourism management. This course is often also offered as a 2-years course which awards the MATA degree to the candidate. 

Students are introduced to the principles and practices of the tourism industry, tourism geography, tourism accounting and administration, sustainable tourism, Indian heritage, and more. The tourism sector has a lot of potential across the country and the main objective of the tourism administration is to improve and optimize tourism operations and keep tourists happy. The course also teaches students to apply management principles and techniques to tourism operations. This not only increases profits but also helps build good customer relationships. Therefore, the course is not only helpful for candidates looking for tourism company jobs but also develops the skills that will enable a candidate to start their own tour and travel company. 

What will you study? 

At RCM, our MA-TA program will train you and make use of all the skills you need to become a successful student of tourism. By having a broad view of tourism management, you will learn about and understand the various challenges that modern tourism managers and other professionals are likely to face. Not only will you develop important decision-making skills, but we will also develop your academic abilities by inspiring and encouraging the skills and characteristics you need to become a seasoned trip professional. We also support your professional development by focusing on current management and strategic issues in the tourism industry, giving you a competitive edge over potential employers. 

Benefits of a master’s degree in Travel & Tourism: 

Here are some benefits of obtaining a master’s degree in Travel and Tourism: 

1. Global opportunities: Careers in the tourism and hospitality management industry are amongst the fastest-growing areas of employment in the world. The nature of this industry is such that you will learn many aspects of the global economy, traditions, and diversity of mindsets. Whether traveling alone or doing business with other hospitality companies from different countries, you will see how different and similar we are. Learning about different cultures will always be part of your routine in this sector. 

2. Transferable skills: A Bachelor in Tourism teaches students about business management, the fundamentals of marketing, human resources, project management, sustainability, intercultural awareness, and much more. The knowledge and skills acquired through the MATA program is essential and useful for a variety of different careers. Students leave the program well-rounded in several essential business aspects. 

3. Make an impact: As a student, you will learn more about sustainable tourism and how you can mitigate the negative impacts of travel on the environment. With more and more people traveling each year, it is essential to understand the impact this has on cultures, communities, and our planet. Tourism has the potential to make the world a better place by bringing economic benefits to poorer destinations and keeping tourism centers thriving. Find out how you can contribute by creating jobs with fair wages and environmental protection. 

4. Versatility: A career in travel and tourism offers endless opportunities generally at non-traditional hours. Whether you want to work in a hotel, resort, cruise ship, plane, the world is your oyster. Tourism industry professionals have so many interesting job settings and opportunities to choose from. 

In the field of tourism, you can learn different things such as organizing and planning trips, how the industry works, marketing strategies, consulting, and the law. A Master in Tourism will give you a lot of practical knowledge and can open the door to many other careers in business. With the Master in Tourism RCM, you can help develop both the economic and cultural aspects of the tourism industry. 



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