5 Tips To Ace Your MBA Interview

Has the management institute of your choice invited you for an interview? Congratulation! 

Hopefully, you share their confidence in your interviewing abilities. Use this time to hone your skills even if you are not. The interview process is frequently heated and unquestionably the most important component of the selection due to the tremendous competition for MBA admissions. You have a chance to outsmart other applicants because a personal interview typically has a weighting of 10% or more overall. There is not much time to make an impression during your interview. 

Let’s concentrate on the crucial elements so you can quickly present your best self. 

Learn About The Interview Process:

The new normal will continue to exist. Since COVID-19 was introduced, virtual interviews have been the standard. Install the necessary software and become familiar with the platform before the talk. You’ll be able to navigate the forum and its dos and don’ts after you become used to it. 

You must be familiar with the campus’s geography and the interview forms used there in order to succeed in on-campus interviews. Additionally, speaking with the alumni would provide you with intimate knowledge of the interviewing methods employed on campus. 

MBA Interview - RCM Blogs

Practice And Planning For Interview Require Time:

You would need to take initiative (rather than reactive). The best method to build confidence and learn to answer intelligently, naturally, and with confidence is to practice. You’ll probably need to explain your motivations for pursuing an MBA, your professional goals, and your interest in this particular university. Make sure you have the response ready, and then confidently and without any hesitation offer it to the panel. 

Next, put together a description of how you will support the community, demonstrating your leadership and teamwork skills along the way. In order to do this, you must respond to questions like “Explain me about yourself” or “Walk me through your resume” in less than two minutes. You’ll want to maintain composure not only for the common questions but also for any challenging or unexpected inquiries. 

Jot down some thoughts, then practice by watching a video while responding to one question at a time. Finally, locate someone who is willing to question you in a fake interview and provide you with candid criticism. You can stay on topic and prevent rambling by practicing aloud. Always keep your response centered on the issue being posed. 

Include at least five unique selling propositions (USPs) in the material you prepare for the interview. When paired with each selling point, a few succinct stories help to strengthen your argument. Your strengths, personality or soft skills, leadership potential, teamwork capabilities, academic contributions, and professional goals should all be reflected in your selling points and tales.

Keep in mind the main concepts of the MBA programme and look for examples of conduct in stories to support your arguments. While preparation is important, you must be careful not to come out as overly prepared or over the line into advancing your agenda and trying to dominate the interview. 

MBA Interview - RCM Blogs

What If You Hit A Wall?

Regardless of your level of preparation, you will almost certainly be asked a question you weren’t expecting. You might be asked about a flaw, a failure, or the reason you left a certain career or sector, for instance. Answers should be sincere and modest. To show yourself favorably, concentrate on your advancement, lessons learned, and capacity for reflection. A compelling tale, for instance, can show how you challenged yourself to do something uncomfortable. 

What if your reaction was subpar? Never stop believing in yourself. Instead, exhale and continue. At the conclusion of the interview, you can inquire about the prior query and your response in more detail. The majority of evaluators will let you do this because it shows confidence and self-awareness. 

Keep The Dialogue Civil:

Take a conversational approach to the interview. The interview panel is interested in learning what makes you unique and whether the institution is a good fit for your professional aspirations. By telling your narrative in an organized way, you may show off your personality and interests. Keep a level head and be sincere at all times. Make sure you communicate that the institution they represent is your top option (whether in an MBA interview or not). 

MBA Interview - RCM Blogs

The interview gives you the chance to learn more about the programme and the institute while also giving the panel the chance to decide if you are the perfect fit for the programme. Therefore, go ahead and catch the panel’s attention. 

Good luck!

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