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What To Do After BCA: What Are Your Best Career Options? 

Hello there! We all have one simple yet most complex thing in our minds when we are touching the finishing line of completing a degree. Questions always arise in the back of the mind about what to do after the BCA degree, and people also often ask what your plan is, or your best career options are. Yes! You are getting the point absolutely right. In today’s blog we will talk about what to do after BCA and the best career options after Bachelor In Computer Application

What To Do Next After BCA? 

Aspirants still have a wide range of employment opportunities after completing a BCA. For those who love computers and technology, a bachelor’s degree in computer applications (BCA) is an excellent career-building course. With the degree, students can choose from a multitude of different areas to advance in their careers. This also involves pursuing a career, further education, and entrepreneurship. 

Opportunities For Employment Following A BCA:

The course serves as a basis for careers in a variety of computer-related industries. This programme offers abundant career and professional opportunities. Higher education might be chosen in the same sector in order to specialize and acquire more stable employment. The student has the option of starting the job search immediately after graduation. Following the successful completion of their BCA, aspiring entrepreneurs can also explore their start-up ideas. Those with a BCA degree have a wide range of rewarding professional alternatives. 

After BCA, Further Education: 

The best course of action for BCA graduates is to follow their interests further in education. This will enable them to get a job that is more suited to their interests. These graduates have a wide range of master’s degree alternatives outside of only computer applications. These are a few of them: 

 Master’s Degree In Computer Science:

Studying the methods and procedures used in computers and other computational devices is the focus of computer science. It encompasses computer programming languages and other computer-related topics. 

Master’s Degree In Information Technology:

The use of computers in corporate operations and other technologies is the focus of the discipline of information technology, or IT. This also applies to personal and leisure activities. Information and communications technology, or IT, provides a wide range of job opportunities. 

Master Of Science In Cybersecurity:

The implementation of safe network defences against hackers, cyber-attacks, and other enduring dangers is the responsibility of cyber security specialists. Students who pursue an M.Sc. in Cyber Security are specifically prepared for these professional obligations. 

Master’s Degree In Artificial Intelligence: 

An increasingly popular area of computer applications is artificial intelligence. Building AI models with machine learning techniques and neural networks is the responsibility of AI experts. This is done to fulfil other organisational requirements and get business insights. 

A Degree In Creative Computing:

This course in creative computing is a cutting-edge curriculum that combines creativity with business computers. Software architecture, system design, machine learning, and cognitive science are all included in the field of creative computing. 

Computer Game Development Master’s Degree:

The students in this course receive training to become programmers who can create video games. These games may be played offline by a single player or internationally online by several players. 

Business And Self-Employment Possibilities:

A start-up can be a fantastic option to become your own boss after earning your BCA. One can start many different sorts of enterprises or even work for oneself. 

For BCA graduates, freelancing or starting a business on their own with a modest investment are viable possibilities. Digital marketing, web development, mobile application development, and other industries provide us with this independence. 

Teaching is another profession that graduates might pursue. Private tutoring has a lot of potential, and it may also help someone build a foundation for their future. This allows one to choose how many hours they work and how much they accomplish. 

Jobs After BCA:

As was already noted, the BCA is a foundational course that may assist in starting a career in a number of related fields. When it comes to a career following a BCA, a broad range of job profiles are visible. The following are some of the most intriguing ones: 

  • Data Scientist  
  • Digital Marketer  
  • Product Manager  
  • A Cyber Security Expert 
  • Database Manager  
  • Graphic Designer 

Winding Up With: 

One of those fundamental but important courses, BCA, will lay the groundwork for a future in the aforementioned industry. The fact that it offers a variety of paths in closely related and parallel fields also explains why students can choose from a range of specializations. The BCA opens up a wide range of computer job opportunities, from the commercial to the public sectors and from the local to the international. 

For about 40 years, the Regional College of Management has provided top-notch education. One of the top programmes RCM offers is the Bachelor of Computer Applications. With well-equipped labs and knowledgeable instructors, we make sure to get the most out of the students and get them ready for the competitive world. 


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