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5 things to consider when building meaningful connections with alumni

Gossiping with friends is the daily dose of every college but you cannot consider this as a professional connection. When you started studying in a college, you meet new people and the environment. It takes time to get adjusted to the culture. After some time, people get used to the daily faces, talk, greed and many more but when it comes to pitching and building a meaningful connection with alumni, it really needs preparation. 

Most of the students struggle a lot while making a good impression in front of alumni. Too many talks, too descriptive and too wanted can make them feel that you are forcing yourself upon them. This seems counterintuitive, but students know that the connection with their alumni can help them in the future and they try their best to make a good impact. For this, you need to understand some of the important physical, mental, and emotional facts that can help you to impress them, but you must know what to say and when is the right time. Here are three ways to build connections with alumni: 

  1. Do research about alumni: Researching about your favourite alumni is the first step to understand their interests and the specialization about them. First make a note about their interests, specialization, and their professional experiences. Then do some homework about the companies where they worked. You can search their social media profiles like LinkedIn, Instagram, or many more to understand their personal and professional interests.  
  1. Make a list of your skills: Everyone has many skills, but you must make a list of your strongest skills. Read more about your strongest points. You can ask your seniors also how to polish them. Follow every step to make them better so that you can be confident during talking or making a good impact in front of your alumni.  
  1. Be goal-oriented: Having a lot of hobbies can make you confused about choosing your career but after following the second step you know which one is the strongest. See all the options that are related to your hobbies and skills so that you can figure out which job is best for you. Always follow one direction because more than one can disturb the path of reaching your goal.  
  1. Homework about corporate culture: In the present scenario, most of the companies are following corporate culture and I really think that is good for employees as well as the owner of the firm. So, try to do homework about corporate culture. This can help you to connect during the conversation with the alumni.  
  1. Listen more than speak: When you meet alumni, try to make a good impression. Pay attention to whatever they speak more than interrupting them because it will show that you are patient, calm, and understand the value of their time. Being attentive also helps you to show your ease to learn. Maybe this can help you in the future for your reference as well. 

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