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Advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year

Taking a gap year is becoming very common these days but no one can deny that it is the most crucial decision. When you consider it, you will get a lot of suggestions from your loved ones. Everyone has their own opinion about this step but here you must understand all aspects. You must understand what is beneficial for you or not. Everything has pros and cons and the gap years certainly no exception. To making the decision easy for you, we have shortlisted some of the advantages and disadvantages. These can help you to take that step easily. 

Advantages of taking a gap year 

  1. Time for pursue passion: Taking a year gap can give you time to understand your skills and passion. You can spend your time pursuing interest and hobbies that are often neglected while you study. In the meantime, you can discover that you can build your career in a totally different path.  
  1. Opportunity for real time experience: Studying in a university is time taken and if you wish to work with the study, it will become very exhaustible for you. So, during the gap year you can work anywhere and get the real time experience. It will boost the confidence and help you to take off your career to another level. 
  1. Give you life experience: A gap year give you a true potential to learn more important life lessons than reading the books. For example, if you decided to travel some places, you will explore and gain knowledge how to adjust in a new place. Undoubtedly, this experience will help you to fit in the university or in a group so easily. 
  1. Financial preparation: Choosing a college is a big investment. Having a gap year can help you to earn money from part time or some primary jobs. It also gives time to prepare for scholarships and make your course affordable. You can find out colleges which offers financial aid that is more favourable for you.  

Disadvantages of taking a gap year  

  1. A year behind: You can not ignore the fact that when you will be all ready to join the university, your friends will be already settled in the campus. When you will prepare for interviews, they will be settled in a company. That will trigger you to consider the gap year as a wasting year. Seeing everyone settled, will also disturb your mental peace. 
  1. Loose the capability of studying: Getting back to your study has two scenarios, either you will feel refreshed, or you can lose the momentum of academics. Losing the acceleration for study is the worst-case scenario but I have seen a lot of students facing this.  
  1. Stressful: Seeing everyone having a new fun fuelled life while you are still planning for choosing the right course for you. It will disturb your preparation and your well-planned decision can turn into a disastrous one.  
  1. Distraction:  Having a year to think about your career can distract you to consider your little hobbies as passion. The student of present time has the authority to choose career on their own but considering a hobby as a future option that has a lot of risk will not help you to stand upward.  


Most of us consider taking a gap year as a risk but if you are ready and capable for intruding your skills and value your time. Then you can change this risky time into most effective and efficient phase.  


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