What Do You Need To Know About Marketing In MBA?

An Introduction

An MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest management disciplines. In today’s market, an MBA in marketing has a lot of potential. If you want to work in entertainment, media, promotions, advertising, sales, or general management, the MBA program is for you. Marketing is at the heart of any business. The marketing trend has been transformed and amplified by the world’s advancing technology.

An MBA in Marketing

It’s a two-year degree program. You can select one of your favorite or most interesting specializations from finance, marketing, human resources, and so on. Marketing is a popular Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialty. Every year, a large number of students around the country pursue an MBA in Marketing.

The MBA in marketing is involved in the sales and services of the products and services, competitions, and market trends of the business. Students learn about sales, marketing, executive and leadership management abilities, consumer trends, market strategies, product management, and market research in a variety of industries.

The Curriculum of the Course

To be enrolled in an MBA program, you must have a graduate degree in any discipline with a high percentage. The following courses might be part of an MBA in Marketing:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Market Analysis
  • Campaigns for Marketing
  • Demand for Cost Volume and Profit Analysis of Consumer Behavior

During the study, students will also learn communication, analytical skills, the capacity to combine programs or concepts, business ethics, and leadership. MBA marketing is a top specialisation that focuses on areas like market research, advertising, branding, and international markets.

MBA Marketing Concentration

This MBA in Marketing has a lot of potential. Marketing is a huge subject. After completing an MBA in marketing, a candidate can work as a sales executive or manager for a reputable fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company such as HUL or Marico Industries. One can also work in the information technology industry.

Other job prospects are in retail, tourism, banking, hospitality, media, advertising, consulting, and market research. Candidates with an MBA in Marketing can also work as lecturers at renowned institutions. There are top-rated business schools in India that pay high salaries to faculty. If you are interested in furthering your education, you might pursue a Ph.D. program in a relevant topic.

MBA in Marketing: Jobs & Careers

Students who have completed an MBA in marketing have numerous work prospects in both the public and private sectors.

You can work in either direct or digital marketing. With the advancement of technology, the concept of marketing is no longer limited to door-to-door sales. It employs a wide range of technologies.

Marketing can be done through social media, pay-per-click, web design, search engine optimization, search media optimization, and articles.

A candidate with an MBA in marketing might earn between 45,000 and 65,000 rupees per month. The compensation structure is determined by the employer firm’s status and reputation.

In industry, you can embark on the following roles:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand manager
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate sales
  • Analyst of Market Research
  • Sales Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Product Manager

Hence, these are some of the key aspects to know before one jumps into doing an MBA in marketing, as the scope and advantages are extremely wide and vibrant.

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