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UGC Issues Guidelines for Implementing the Indian Knowledge System in Higher Education Curricula

These recommendations for including the Indian Knowledge System in higher education curricula serve as a guide for the methodical study and investigation of various disciplines of IKS.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released guidelines for the seamless integration of Indian traditional knowledge with modern subjects. The UGC has prepared the guidelines for incorporating Indian Knowledge System (IKS) into the higher education curriculum.

The goal of these criteria for incorporation is to encourage students to pursue credit courses in IKS that total at least 5% of the total number of required credits.

The plan is to allow interested undergraduate and graduate students to take a greater percentage of the required credits in the IKS subjects.

In order to account for the credits allotted to the major discipline, at least 50% of the credits apportioned to the IKS must be connected to it.

Guidelines for IKS Courses in UG Programmes

In the first four semesters of the UG curriculum, ideally, the students may be encouraged to enrol in these courses. A minimum of fifty per cent of these required credits must be taken in IKS-related courses that are relevant to the student’s primary area of study in the UG degree.

Every student should enrol in a Foundational Course in the Indian Knowledge System, which is meant to provide an overview of all the IKS streams pertinent to the UG curriculum.

In order for students to successfully complete the necessary number of courses and credits in IKS, all UG-teaching Institutions should provide a wide variety of elective courses in the subject. For their project work in the seventh or eighth semester of the UG degree, students may be encouraged to select a relevant topic connected to IKS wherever possible.

Guidelines for IKS Courses at the PG level

All PG students in the Commerce, Arts and Sciences should enrol in a sufficient number of advanced credit courses in any of the IKS disciplines or topics related to their area of specialisation so that the total credits earned by the student in IKS equal at least 5% of the total required credits.

If a course in a subject or topic that is a part of IKS is offered and is compatible with the requirements of the PG programme, the students may be permitted to choose to take it.

(Source: OTV News)

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