UGC M. Jagdesh Kumar

UGC Chair M. Jagadesh Kumar on Measures Being Done to Protect Students Enrolled in Fake Universities

The UGC has issued a show cause/warning notice to these fake institutions for providing education programmes in contravention of the UGC Act.

The future of thousands of students is believed to be in jeopardy as the University Grants Commission has declared as many as 20 universities as fake. The higher education regulatory body, this August, notified a list of universities and institutes on its website in eight states that have been conferring degrees in violation of the UGC norms. 

Furthermore, recently UGC has issued a show cause/warning notice to these fake institutes. “A public notice has also been uploaded on the UGC website to caution students and the public at large. If it is found that the fake institution has not stopped its operations even after show cause notice, FIR will be lodged,” M. Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson, UGC, told FE Education Online.

As per the UGC notification released on August 1, 2023, Delhi has the highest number of fake universities with eight such institutes. “We have communicated with the state governments and will follow up to shut down and take action against such institutes,” Kumar informed.

As for the relief provisions being considered for students who have already passed a year or so in these institutes, Kumar said that every year, the regulatory body issues a notification to warn against the presence of fake universities in the country. “Students are advised to check the UGC website for recognized universities before admission,” he added.

Degrees awarded by such educational institutions shall neither be recognised nor valid for higher education and employment purposes, the UGC notification said.

These institutes have so far offered educational programmes in contravention of the UGC Act. “By identifying and notifying fake institutions, the UGC safeguards students from falling victim to fraudulent institutions.

UGC urges students to see the list of recognised institutions on the UGC portal to ensure they pursue courses that meet essential academic standards,” Kumar said. The notice further added, “Admission will be declared closed as and when seats are exhausted.”

(Source: Financial Express)

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