Two Indian teachers selected for Global Teacher Prize 2021

Satyam Mishra, a science instructor from Bhagalpur in Bihar, and Meghana Musunuri, a social examination, English, and math educator from Hyderabad have come to the top 50 waitlists during the current year’s USD 1-million Global Teacher Prize reported on Thursday.

Coordinated by the Varkey Foundation in organization with UNESCO, the prize pulled in more than 8,000 assignments and applications from 121 nations.  

“It is simply by focusing on instruction that we can defend every one of our days to come. Training is the way to confronting the future with certainty,” said Sunny Varkey, originator of the Varkey Foundation.  

Mishra took care of business for his assurance to change the manner in which kids take a gander at the world and utilizations cool duplication stunts to bring his subject alive for understudies. 

Musunuri, the second Indian educator on 2021 waitlist, is depicted as training futurist, donor and an energetic business visionary as the organizer and administrator of Fountainhead Global School and Junior College and furthermore Hyderabad Champion for Google’s Women Entrepreneurs On The Web (WEOW), directing ladies business visionaries in setting up their online presence.  

“UNESCO is a glad accomplice of the Global Teacher Prize, which has accomplished such a great deal to feature educators’ groundbreaking job in youngsters’ lives. Helpful educators and remarkable understudies the same merit acknowledgment for their obligation to instruction in the midst of the learning emergency we see today,” said Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO.  

“In case we are to revamp a superior world in the wake of COVID we should focus on giving each youngster their inheritance of value schooling. It is the future, with educators as their aides, who will protect the future for us every one of us,” she said.  

Close by, a debut sister prize the Chegg.Org Global Student Prize remembers four Indian understudies for the best 50 waitlist with Kaif Ali, a 21-year-old design understudy at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi; Aayush Gupta, a 23-year-old MBA understudy at IIM Ahmedabad; and Seema Kumari, a 17-year-old understudy from Jharkhand; and Vipin Kumar Sharma, a 24-year-old understudy from the Central University of Haryana. The prize cash for the new understudy prize has now likewise been multiplied to USD 100,000.  

“In this time of COVID, understudies like Kaif, Aayush, Seema, and Vipin have shown extraordinary fortitude to continue reading and continue to battle for a superior future in spite of enormous hindrances,” said Lila Thomas, Head of  

“We were so motivated by the accomplishments of these uncommon understudies all through the world that applied for the debut Global Student Prize that Chegg decided to twofold the worth of the prize to USD 100,000,” she said.  

Understudies who applied for the Global Student Prize are being surveyed on their scholastic accomplishments, sway on their friends, how they have an effect locally and then some, how they defeat the chances to accomplish, how they exhibit imagination and development, and how they work as worldwide residents.  

Following the waitlist declaration, the main 10 finalists of the two prizes will be reported one month from now.  

The victors will be picked by the Global Teacher Prize Academy and the Global Student Prize Academy, individually, and revealed at an honors service in Paris in November. Last year’s Global Teacher Prize victor was Ranjitsinh Disale from Maharashtra. 


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