Development of Communication Skills at RCM

Why do students prefer to study at the Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar? Is it because of the innovative teaching pattern they follow? How is RCM’s B-school different from others? Other than just getting a degree, management students need to do networking and maintain valuable contacts.

Students here, not only give their maximum time in the library but strive to grasp most of the opportunities to communicate effectively with other people. And to be precise, communication is a mandatory factor in the current world.  

From celebrities to political heads to media and business sphere, communication skills are the most vital factor for achievement. There are very few people who have an inbuilt good communication skill. But most of them learn and develop how to communicate well over a period of time.  

How to enhance your communication skills? 

For the enhancement of students’ communication skills, the experienced faculty at RCM, follow these below-mentioned tips to build critical thinkers and future leaders.

  1. Strengthen Effective Listening: Communication is not always about speaking. It is also about listening. At RCM, the professors develop the listening skills of students by reading a particular chapter and then asking them to have a discussion by giving some light on the content. 
  1. Assignments and Group Discussions: Students learn a lot while participating in the team-building exercises. They get to learn both oral and written communication skills. It gives them a chance to bring forth their opinions and work together in a team to accomplish a common goal.  
  1. Look for Teachable Instants: What professors at RCM do is, if a student has answered a question in a complicated manner, they ask him or her to rephrase the answer. Or if any new word comes up during a lecture, there is a pause so that the class can get the meaning and learn a new word. 
  1. Ask open-ended Questions: It’s OK to explain! Ask Questions is one of the manners in which one can learn and work on understanding. Poor communication and miscommunications can be a consequence of misunderstanding. Explaining a point to somebody can likewise show to others that we are tuning in. 

RCM presents great opportunities by providing efficient communication and soft skills training on campus. It is the top management college in Odisha which is dedicated to exploring and creating individuals who will be aspiring enough to rebuild society. In short, it is definitely a great place for networking and a pioneer of Management education where communication skills and soft skills are given utmost importance apart from academics.  


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