Functions And Features of Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System?

We see the terms ‘Learning Management System’ or LMS everywhere. In e-Learning articles, tip sheets, and guides, the reason why LMS is omnipresent speaks for itself. Getting a good grasp on understanding the ropes of LMS and its benefits is important.

Focusing on the important questions, is Learning Management System worth the resources? Is a more manual approach the answer? What are the key benefits and features of it? This article will address all of your questions and give you an inside scoop on the Learning Management Systems.

What Is The Primary Function Of An Learning Management System?

Learning Management System software score spectacular points in allowing teachers to create and integrate course materials for students. They can map out learning goals, align content and assessments, track homework and studying progress as well as create tests for students.

LMS makes communication easy when it comes to learning objectives and organize timelines. The main advantage of LMS is that it delivers smooth learning process straight to learners. The reach also includes marginalized groups through special settings.

LMS has customisable built-in features that can track the progress of students lets them monitor and communicate the effectiveness of learning. Through LMS, a streamline communication between students and teachers is established. These facilitate the process of learning, track learning process and make the overall journey to education fun and exciting.

Who Can Benefit From An LMS?

In Universities, colleges or every educational institute has its students on the receiving end of learning initiatives. The latter, who have access to LMS will have a clearer picture of their course catalogue, complete their assigned tasks, and carry out any evaluation that are given to them.

LMS offers an advantage to provide a streamlined journey and smooth flow of learning process to make it as easy as possible for both the students and the teachers.

Learning Management System Benefits

1. Organizes And Safely Stores Big Data

This world bows down to Big Data. Learning Management Systems lets the users gather all Big Data in one location. This makes it immensely easy to update all your learning materials and assignments on the platform.

LMS’ strict security features stop the data from falling into the wrong hands so you can rest assured.

2. Monitors Learner Progress And Performance

All LMS platforms have built in reporting and analytics features. With that feature, tracking progress in your online training program becomes hassle-free.

Learning Management Systems have numerous exclusive benefits to give you premium experience if you purchase the affordable add-ons and plug-ins.

A boost in its functionality can result in identifying patterns and trends, since many LMS provide data visualizations, such as graphs and charts.

3. Improves Resource Allocation

Learning Management System can provide excellent assistance in allocating online training resources more effectively. With the help of LMS, you can identify aspects of your online training program with ease.

Educators can gauge if the training isn’t up to mark and if they need to re-evaluate a module or activity. Learning Management Systems also assists teacher’s eLearning team to update online training sessions or plans quickly and efficiently.

Then there’s the matter of deploying online training resources on a global scale. Thus, users have the power to keep corporate learners up to date using a single tool.

4. Personalizes The Online Training Experience

Teachers have the freedom to assign different learning paths at different paces for students according to their dexterity. Hence, Learning Management Systems can provide customised and individualized online training to each student. Students can even unlock features to choose their own training activities and coursework that they feel comfortable with.

This feature facilities their learning experience by a milestone. More effective online training experiences are what LMS strives for with increased learner satisfaction.

5. Improves eLearning Accessibility

Modern world is constantly facing rapid changes. Same way, modern learners demand better features in online training. Learning Management Systems allow you to deploy and track online training courses without geographical limitations.

So long as they can login to the system, corporate learners have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and hone skills.

Like with everything related to technology, there lays positive as well as negative factors. While we have raved on about the positive aspects of Learning Management System, let’s now talk about the disadvantages of it.

Disadvantages of Learning Management System

Biggest problem lies with the technological factors. Teachers have to willing to adapt to the curriculum and deter from face to face classes to online classes using LMS as a platform

The online training programs can come off as impersonal and lacking enough one-on one dialogue that might be uncomfortable for educators as well as students.

Having a learning module presented in only one technique xan feel a bit monotonous to some and reduce the factors of interest. The lack of different and new learning styles might be a factor some people would avoid opting for online training platforms.

Final Thoughts

There are two sides of a coin. In the case of LMS, this is no different. It is up to the educational institute to make the online learning experience as interesting for a student as possible.

At RCM, our interactive curriculum, experienced and highly skilled faculty and real-life based activities constantly work towards bringing you an education that is customized exclusively for the sole benefit of the student.

RCM strives hard to bring the best experience out of an online training in these dire times during the pandemic. Despite the shortcomings and unavailability of face to face classrooms, our teaching pedagogy brings the environment of a classroom at the comfort of your house


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