From MBA To MBA+(MBA Plus): How A Plus Goes A Long Way

MBA+ (MBA Plus), at RCM, is a degree that goes beyond classroom learning.  

The MBA+ (MBA Plus) is an additional and essential coursed with a unique curriculum. It offers the same value as the MBA, plus the benefit of acquiring or improving development skills and Digital marketing skills.

A great way to enhance your employability in the corporate world, this course is a must for management aspirant.

RCM college offers an exclusive program that goes beyond the ordinary MBA+. We offer multiple workshops, seminars, and cased-based learning sessions for the students to enhance their education and life skills.  

We train the students in relevant topics like Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing, and Life skill development. With these courses and trainings, students gain a significant competitive edge over others.

During the last semester, students will be open to sit for career service workshops ranging from mock interviews and resume reviews.

MBA Plus
MBA Plus Program
Best MBA College in Bhubaneswar Odisha I RCM College
Regional College of Management

Innovative Leadership Series

The Leadership Training features international speakers from across the world who can give the students the necessary knowledge on topics like innovation, leadership, analytics, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Our MBA+ program at RCM is, without a doubt, extremely effective for management students.

They are presented with a chance to hone their skills and inculcate complex problem-solving capabilities. This will help them propel themselves ahead in their career aspects for a better future.

The course curriculum for MBA+ at RCM is based around these core subject matters:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Advance Supply Chain Management​
  • Quantitative Marketing Research​
  • Marketing Analytics​

Students Friendly Learning System In The ​Post COVID Situation​

Our learning system inculcates an exclusive teaching pedagogy guaranteed to bring out the best of the abilities in a student. The activities in the system include:

  • Facilitating blended learning system​
  • Facilitating empirical learning system​
  • Industry based learning based on the need of industries​
  • Sharing videos related to different Brand Promotion and Promotional Effort​

Life Skill Development

Opting for an MBA+ (MBA Plus) Course at RCM has its own massive advantages.

Our Skill Development Program is based on improving a student’s ability to face real world challenges head on and with booming confidence. We make sure the student is made market ready by the time he is ready to graduate.

Outcomes Of Skill Development Programme

The idea is to raise confidence among students to improve their productivity later in the industry and to give direction with proper marketing skills development.

Skill development will enable the students to fetch best white-collar jobs.

Development of skills, at a young age like this, right at the master’s level, is very essential to channelize them for proper job opportunities in the current job market. ​

  • Increased satisfaction and morale among students. ​
  • Increased students’ motivation. ​
  • Increased efficiencies among students, resulting in fetching good job option & financial gain. ​
  • Increased knowledge on new technologies and methods. ​
  • Increased knowledge in planning strategies and products. ​

Skill Development Programme Wise Outcomes

Our skills development does not solely focus on the mental growth of the student but also how he / she can grow as a successful entrepreneur. For this, we give them exclusive training from our highly skilled trainers on the subjects of:

  • Analytics in Supply Chain Management
  • Integrated Marketing Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Management of Field Sales
  • Total Quality Management
  • Management of New Product & Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Kitting Technique
  • Design Thinking
  • Block Chain in SCM
  • E-CRM & SAP

Why Should You Opt For An MBA+ (MBA Plus) Course?

With the above information, it must be made abundantly clear to you that our MBA+ program (MBA Plus) is beyond the regular MBA courses found in any and all management institutes.

We go the extra mile to give you the proper skills and knowledge to become a master and a leader in the world of business.

Come join our MBA+ (MBA Plus Course Program) course at RCM as a college that goes beyond and above the norm to bring the best for you.

Good Luck !!


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