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Education Expenditure crosses 1 lakh crore as per the Union Budget 2022.

Disrupted by the COVID-19 shutdown and the digital interruption, India’s education sector in the 2022 Union Budget has received a 11% hike. The biggest takeaway from Budget is the prime focus on digital-enabled education, including the extension of the ‘One classroom, one channel’ program.

While presenting the budget, the minister laid emphasis on digital modes of education to reverse learning losses caused by the shutdown during the pandemic. The establishment of digital university will provide access to students across the country with personalized learning experience at their door seps. The digital learning will also be made available in different Indian languages.

It was also said that five institutions will be recognized as Centre of Excellence on urban planning and AICTE will take the lead on developing the curriculum for them.

It has also been proposed that in vocational lessons, to promote critical thinking skills and provide space for creativity, 750 virtual labs in science and mathematics, and 75 e-labs will be set up to ensure a simulated learning environment. High-quality e-content will be developed in all via internet, mobile phones, TV and radio through Digital Teachers.

The country’s biggest school education scheme, the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, has also been assigned Rs 37,383.36, an increase of more than Rs 6,000 crores from Budget 2021.


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