E-Startup Boot Camp at RCM

The open world market scenario has given a huge fillip to entrepreneurship in India in recent times. India boasts of the largest percentage of youth human resources in the world. Hence the urgent need to tap the youth energy pool through employment generation by both Government and private enterprises if India is to become an economic superpower. 


With this in mind RCM organized ‘E-Start’, a two-day Boot Camp, in collaboration with Startup Odisha, on 15th-16th July 2019. 

The workshop was conducted by young serial entrepreneur Vishnu Nagaraj co-founder of Carve Startup Labs (CSL) from Bangalore. Students were divided into 20 teams of 4-5 each. The workshop focused on inviting fresh and innovative ideas for potential business enterprises.


Explaining the necessity for entrepreneurship in present times Nagaraj said, “instead of working monotonously for someone, you actually use the same amount of energy and time in working to create what you believe in”. He said, “entrepreneurship involves generating ideas, systematic planning for execution & implementation as well as assessing economic value”. Students were encouraged to undertake several rounds of activities to get an overall understanding of problem areas, ideas, implementation, and revenue generation while venturing on a Startup. 

Activity Details 

Round 1- Idea proposition 

Round 2- Each team had to prepare a canvas highlighting existing problem sectors to which their startup seeks to provide a solution, competitors in the market if any and target customers to be benefitted. 

Round 3- Teams made pictorial posters on canvases to elaborate on the key components of their startup idea. 

Round 4- Two members of each team were asked to meet other teams to convince and market the idea as well as receive feedback. 

Round 5- Each team had to prepare a one-minute skit to promote their product/service and enact it before the other teams and faculty coordinators.       


Day 2  

Round 6- A new canvas highlighting key partners, key resources, value proposition, cost structure and revenue streams etc was provided for the students to fill up. 

Round 7- Simulation Exercise on Entrepreneur Interaction- Individual members had to pretend as one of the entrepreneurs and had a professional conversation with others regarding their proposed Startup Plan.  

Round 8- Preparation of PowerPoint Presentation Round .  

Round 9- Each Team presented their PPT of the proposed Startup Plan before a Jury which was followed by question answer sessions  

The Jury consisted of:  

  1. Mr Sangram K Mohanty, (CEO) Entrepreneurship & Incubation Cell (RCM) 
  1. Prof (Dr) Nirmala Dutta ,( Head) Entrepreneurship Cell (RCM) 
  1. Prof (Dr).Itishree Devi, Entrepreneurship Cell(RCM) 
  1. Mr Rashmi Ranjan Sahu, Senior Mission Associate, Startup Odisha, Govt of Odisha 

All the Participating Teams had interesting and innovative Startup Proposals. The three winning Teams were felicitated with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes along with Achiever Certificates by Dr Prabir Pal, Chaiman RCM and Mr Prashant Biswal, Evangelist, Odisha Startup.. All participants received Participation Certificates.  

1st– Idea: “KANTABAI”: Ghar ko ghar banane ke liye KANTABAI haazir hai..!  

Team Members: Simran Jahan Begum ; Devyani Mohanty; Kanhu Charan Mishra; Biswajita Mohanty; Laxmipriya Rout  

2nd – Idea: “MECH 24*7”  

Team Members- Debasish Behera; Mukul Manohar Jena; Saiyad Faizan Ahmed; Pritish Nanda; Sikun Kumar Panda  

3rd– Idea: “DARZI”:Find your perfect fit at your place”  

Team Members: Rajeev Pradhan; Erum Firdoush; Ajay Sharma; Rajesh Kumar Sharma 

The Boot Camp evinced enthusiastic participation from a hundred (approx.) students from MBA, PGDM, BBA & BCA. Students were full of energy and excitement while brainstorming and creating innovative business ideas. It was an extraordinary opportunity for students to gain preliminary knowledge on startups and the wide avenues open for fresh enterprises. Some students were genuinely interested in founding their own Startups. Overall the “E-Start” Boot Camp at RCM was a huge success. 


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