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AICTE Issues Guidelines And Urges Technical Institutions To Establish EOFCs!

The AICTE has requested in a letter that all of its recognized institutions, including vice chancellors of technical universities, set up an “Equal Opportunity Facilitation Cell” (EOFC).

Guidelines for inclusive education for all students, including those with disabilities, have been issued by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 

A senior faculty member will be chosen to serve as the EOFC’s nodal officer, and the committee will also include male and female professors, non-teaching staff, and a representative from an NGO that works to empower people with disabilities, among other people. All people, including those with disabilities, may now access inclusive digital education. 

The EOFC’s Duty:

To encourage PwD admission to technical institutes. Regularly raise awareness of equal opportunity issues among stakeholders. Discuss the unique teaching learning requirements of your pupils. 

It is to give disabled students particular support for their training and placement. to give PwDs free computers and internet access through their state or local government. 

The AICTE has requested in a letter that all institutions it has approved include information about the availability of a barrier-free learning environment for students with disabilities on their websites, including information about the admissions process, support services, and status of persons with disabilities. 

Institutions have to designate a distinct budgetary line item for spending on initiatives that support the inclusion of people with disabilities. 

Source – Odisha TV


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