My Affiliate Marketing Success Story from RCM’s MBA+

With the sheer amount of money that is generated by affiliate marketing every year, it comes as no surprise that individuals and businesses have it made big in the marketing universe. From promoting products and online services, their success was consistent and linear. 

To hear the stories about how people succeeded in life is something we all wish to hear about. And that is why I am here, sharing my success story about my journey from a newbie to a business entrepreneur earning 5,000-10,000 INR every month through affiliate marketing.  

Success stories are portrayed to generate publicity for the people involved. They carry the power to inspire and motivate budding entrepreneurs around the world.  

Success arrives at the doors of those who are driven and hard-working. It comes to those who dream, and work double-time to get them to come true. And that is something I can relate to a personal level. It was only through sheer hard work that I could reach where I stand now.  

It is, by any means, easy or quick. There is no blueprint for becoming successful. Everyone has their own direction or path that leads them to success. Just a gentle push in the right direction is all they require.  

And that is what ClickBank Affiliate is for me. 

It wasn’t a magical gateway to money, fame, and immediate success. An individual cannot expect triumph with spending only a couple of hours of work with a brand-new website that they build. 

The world’s biggest affiliate marketers had to start somewhere to get their careers to take off. When I was new to the whole affiliate marketing, the crucial beginning was to follow the basic steps with agonising precision. A well thought out plan and helpful guidance can be a definite beginning to the road to success.  

With my story, I want the viewers to see be motivated and see it as an inspiration to continue even when the beginnings seem bleak and unrewarding.  

In the world of entrepreneurship, the road to success is perseverance teamed with a solid never-give-up attitude. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers by nature and, if they fail, they get right back up to fix what they got wrong. They persevere until they make it to the end.  

And that is my story with ClickBank Affiliate.   

Affiliate Marketing

Who Am I? 

I am a student with aspirations and dreams, someone who wanted to make the best use of his life, like everyone else. By associating myself with ClickBank Affiliate, I earn 5,000-10,000 INR every month. I want to share my success story and my experiences with ClickBank with the world.  

I hope that I can encourage and motivate everyone who reads this to flourish in life and succeed in building a great website in ClickBank. 

To Start Things Off, What Is Clickbank Affiliate? 

The world of Affiliate Marketing has proved to be a window of opportunities for people who have no prior knowledge in online marketing. It offers a plethora of ways to start an online business and make tons of profit off of them.  

With Affiliate marketing, people promote third-party products or services, generally via a brand-new website, and earn a commission for the site for any sales made.  

ClickBank is one of the largest performance marketing company with a global presence that provides their clients with an extensive affiliate network. With ClickBank Affiliate, people can grow their websites and sell both digital and physical products. A bustling online marketplace, entrepreneurs can connect with their customers through the ClickBank website.  

ClickBank has highly paid offers, building up to as much as 75% commission and the products can be sold in most countries. Like everything, ClickBank has its downside too. The website houses tons of low-grade products and sales pages.  

For a newbie, the platform might seem intimidating with the high level of competition in the marketing world. At first glance, it is difficult to tell what product would do well without investing traffic. 

How Did I Get Into Clickbank Affiliates? 

Like any other “Rag to Riches” success story, mine was no different. Back in 2018, things looked extremely dark for me. My health issues hampered me from living my dreams and chasing my ambitions. I wasn’t financially secure and longed to have a steady and smooth income. 

Chasing one opportunity to another, asking people for advice, and grasping and grappling into anything that would offer me a semblance of a thriving life, that was how I was living. 

With no prior training or experience in the world of online marketing, I was under the impression that all was lost on me. However, I refused to give up. 

Hungry to learn and passionate to know, I started looking for any kind of information that would help me get money from the internet. I kept a sharp eye out for scams as they were scattered everywhere on the internet, luring people into their traps with false promises. 

It was then that I ran into RCM, an institute that provided a course on how to make money from Affiliate Marketing. At that point, I was desperate to do go to any lengths to get my life back on track.  

When I joined RCM to learn the course through MBA+, that act proved to be the turning point of my life. I was diligent and focused as I followed every instruction the course offered. I followed everything step by step and never once gave up my goal. 

The course proved to be a massive help to me. For me, it was a stepping stone, the first step into the world of online marketing. From the directions I had received from the course, I was confident I would be able to make it in the competitive world of making money. 

With sheer perseverance and resolution, I worked hard. I was careful never to be overambitious or overconfident about myself. I did not let myself set goals that were too high to achieve. I was, after all, a newbie in a crowd of entrepreneurs and marketing giants.  

With my consistency, I began earning money from ClickBank Affiliate much to my euphoria. The knowledge and information that I gained following the guidelines from the course were every bit as worthwhile as they promised.  

When I ventured into the world of online marketing, I was but a mere beginner. I was well aware of my limitations but I was focused and full of enthusiasm.  

With my knowledge on affiliate marketing through the course, I knew the ropes but I was still hesitant on how to make money off it. By keeping a keen focus on the basics, I was able to rise slowly and steadily. 

My hard work brought me satisfactory results and transformed my previously small income stream into something considerably more sizeable, as you can see by this screenshot of my ClickBank Affiliate: 

Since I started my journey with ClickBank Affiliate, I never had to look back. As of writing this article about my journey, I have been earning consistently. Clickbank and the course opened up amazing opportunities for me and gave me the push that I needed to kick-start my life.  

Persevere, Don’t Fear! 

It is might seem like a herculean task to build a website, to sell products in a convincing manner, and to receive traffic for a website, especially if the individual is a newbie.  

The key is to be extremely patient because the beginning of every success story starts slow and steady. There is no immediate route to success, there is only hard work and perseverance that will get people through life. 

Many people give up or get distracted when going through the starting process of Affiliate Marketing. Building your website is the first step towards your goal. People new to the site often try to make things too flashy or try to sell things off too hard in the beginning which will put your pre-sell tactics downhill.  

Sell the products which you would think of buying yourself. Trying to sell products that are of poor quality would not earn you brownie points. It might not be a raging idea to try to go for popular niches right from the beginning, especially if you are new to Affiliate Marketing.  

However, going for underrated products would shield you from the harm’s way since you might end up drowning in the sea of tough competition.  

Build a site that promotes a popular niche, one that would immediately attract the attention of the masses. Once you finalize on a niche, finding a product that would suit and compliment your niche would not seem too arduous of a task. 

The key is to always start from the site itself, not the product. 

Final Thoughts 

Without a doubt, Affiliate Marketing can give you a boost and make you significantly richer. The internet is full to the brim with numerous success stories of how people went from rags to riches thanks to the digital world of Affiliate Marketing programs. RCM really was the best choice I made when I decided to plunge in to learn affiliate marketing.  

There are still monumental opportunities for someone who is looking to make money from Clickbank without having to keep experimenting with different options. It may seem overwhelming at first but with proper training and joining the proper course like I did; you can make anything work without worrying about your efforts and hard work falling apart.  

Just keep giving your best and remember to never give up on your dreams or your ambitions to make a name in this world. 

Monalisha Pradhan

MBA – 2018-2020


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