Which MBA Specialization Is Right For You?

It is an intriguing question as students often pursue MBA for a higher package or a dream job at a multinational company. One can mostly find students from the final year praying for a better job opportunity or better job satisfaction. The survey conducted by top B schools suggests that students who apply for MBA are majorly from, BBA background followed by technical background, Commerce, Arts and then Science. The beauty of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is that it does not matter from which educational background you are from, one can apply for any college given that you have good scores in the entrance exams. Entrance exams are conducted at the University Level, sometimes the exams are conducted at All India Level, and based on the marks you get a college. Every year around two lakhs candidates applies for a master’s in business administration.

More than a lakh MBAs graduate, and on the other hand, the requirement for managerial candidates every year in the Indian market is between 30,000 to 40,000. So, what happens to those candidates who have graduated but are not absorbed in the market. Well, that sounds scary, is not it? The significant reason behind students not getting jobs is, most students pursue degree courses that are not suitable for their skill set. In turn, it results in them learning things that they are not interested in, in the first place. No living being can do things that they are not interested in doing with complete motivation and dedication. Students start losing interest that results in them not studying well.

MBA Specializations List:

  • MBA in Finance 
  • MBA in Human Resource Management 
  • MBA in Information Technology (IT) 
  • MBA in Logistics Management 
  • MBA in Marketing Management 
  • MBA in Business Management 
  • MBA in Rural Management 
  • MBA in Health Care Management 
  • MBA in Operations Management 
  • MBA in Event Management 
  • MBA in Business Analytics  

Here are a few things to keep in mind to know the perfect specialisation for yourself. 

Which MBA specialization is right for you

1. Know your strength:  

The best way to know your strength is to analyse yourself. At a very young age, people tend to develop skills that have nothing to do with academics. Those skills become the foundation of how well you perceive and implement things in the future.

  • Attention to detail:

Attention to detail is essential for any person, there has been a lot of instances where you are taking the same road repeatedly, yet you fail to notice something prominent, and it has been there from the very beginning. On the other hand, remembering the most trivial details just by looking at a thing for the first time is commendable. All these qualities that you overlook for ages come in handy while you are choosing your specialisation. 

  • Leadership quality: 

One can never learn leadership quality, it is a quality that someone is born with. Leadership skills play a huge impact while working in a corporate world, where you must lead a team. When you lead a team, your attitude defines you. Your attitude makes a statement for yourself.

  • Organizational Skills:

How well do you organise your stuff? There have been a lot of situations where you give up because the workload seems too high. In such a situation, one must know how to handle the pressure and organise the workload. One must know how to prioritise which work should be delivered first. Organise yourself, stay focus, manage your time, strength, and energy. If this your strength, then you are almost ready for the corporate world. 

  • Help and connect with people:

If you love helping people by sharing the workload, or you like making a bond with different people by analysing their mindset, then you have a special skill. What most people call it judging, we call it observing. Observing people tells you a lot about their approach. When you consider you get to know the person emotionally, and you can understand them better hence, you can resolve their issues accurately.

2. Which field interests you the most?

As you grow up, you gradually realise that few sectors attract your interest. Based on that you must choose which sector has your interest like we said it is difficult to enjoy something that does not interest you. You often get a wide range of divisions to choose from like Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, Technology, Consulting, Management and many more. 

3. How do you like to work with people? 

There can be a lot of possibilities based on how you like to work. You can be a people person that loves working in teams. You can be a who likes to take charge of a group of people, or you can be someone that prefers working as a lone wolf or you can be someone that is neither reluctant nor excited working with people.

4. What are your expectations from an MBA program?

Before opting for a specialisation, one must know their expectations that they have from an MBA program. Do you need this degree to kick start your dull career? Do you need this degree to begin something of your own? Do you need this degree that will help you polish your skills? Or do you need this degree so that you can learn and have experience in a variety of subject areas?   

How well do you manage stress? 

Working and studying are two different things. While working the stress level is super high as you are given deadlines and, one must deliver the work strictly under the deadlines. Sometimes the deadlines can be a tremendous pressure while working. One should know how to handle stress. Losing your focus and getting disoriented is very likely to happen. Therefore, one must know to focus and manage the workload.  So, before you decide which specialization to choose, analyze yourself, and make a list of all the strengths and weaknesses. Know about the expectation that you have from a program, make a list of things that interests you and test yourself during pressure situation. You can choose any specialization you want. Every specialization will give you good career growth provided if you are interested in pursuing that course.


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