How Important is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is an altruistic movement build to benefit the society at large. They make the society aware on social, cultural or environmental issues. Their main aim is to mobilize the available funds and resources towards the same. At RCM, our goal is to improve the societal awareness and bring about a change for the better.  

In recent times, a surge of social entrepreneurship has blown up in social media. Income is also highly dependent on such contributions who share content via social media and social networking websites. Through these actions, content makers are able to connect to a large section of public. They are able to succeed in extending connection to like-minded people.  

However, making money comes secondary. The primary role of a social entrepreneur is to implement innovative and creative ideas to solve relevant social problems. 

Till date, there is no clear idea of what social entrepreneurship really is. Therefore, there is still diversity in the sector. Organisations such as non-profit charities, voluntary sector organizations, profit making organization help bring it out to the world. This has integrated significantly charitable work with their business model or non-governmental organizations.  

Social Entrepreneurship

Things always seem simple and easy till one has to implement it. Crowd funding and raising donations might seem like easy tasks. However, various difficulties arise while carrying it out. Difficulties stem for every entrepreneur in the form of raising investments. People are sceptical of organizations working as non-profits or for-profits.  

Another major factor in the pile of difficulties in social entrepreneurship is the low profit margins which many a time leads to slow progress. They change the character of an organisation for a profit entity. This turn of character almost always comes with resultant loss of their goal of benefiting the society. 

Despite the above-mentioned difficulties and hiccups, social entrepreneurship is undeniably the future of the world. It plays an immensely important role in addressing and solving pressing social issues. It is and will always be for the people and by the people in the most selfless manner.  

At RCM, we propagate the idea that success is not defined by financial gains. It is defined by the positive impact it brings about. Various rallies and movements are encouraged and conducted around the city. We strive to bring awareness among masses and propagate the idea of a just and honest living.  

Change starts at RCM. Transformation starts at RCM.  


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