You are currently viewing UPSC Database: UGC Requests Information on Senior Officials and Academics 

UPSC Database: UGC Requests Information on Senior Officials and Academics 

The UGC has asked the HEIs to disclose information on senior officers or academics who are working or retired up to the age of 65 in level 13 A and above (as per the 7 CPC) in a letter to vice-chancellors of all universities and principals of colleges.

Higher education institutes (HEIs) have been requested by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to disclose information regarding senior officers or academics who are now employed by or have retired from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The HEIs are required to send information such as name, date of birth, name of the company for which the individual is currently employed, educational background, discipline specialty, pay level, mobile number, and email.

It is important to note that UPSC interviews applicants before appointing them to various gazetted positions. Senior civil employees, academics, members of the armed forces, scientists, physicians, engineers, professors, and subject specialists are all employed by the UPSC to serve as advisors to the Commission.

“The UPSC is presently in the process of expanding its database with more names of senior officers or professors serving or retired with expertise in any field of education (preferably education technology (ICT), school education, education laws, education promotion, and outreach program,” the UGC letter to HEIs read.

 (Source: OTV News)

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