UGC Extends The Deadline For Submission of Feedback on Foreign Universities’ Campuses in India

In accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 recommendations, the higher education regulator has created policies that make it easier for foreign higher education institutions to open campuses in India. 

The deadline for comments, recommendations, and feedback on the University Grants Commission (Setting up and Operation of Campuses of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions in India) Regulations, 2023, has been extended, according to the UGC

Originally set to end on January 18, the time for collecting stakeholder comments on the draught regulations has been extended until February 3. 

“In view of the requests being received from the stakeholders to extend the last date for submitting comments/suggestions/feedback on the aforesaid draft Regulations, the last date for receiving comments on the draft regulations is hereby extended to February 3, 2023,” the UGC said. 

“Accordingly, it is requested that the comments, suggestions, and feedback may kindly be conveyed to ugcforeigncollaboration@gmail.com up to February 3, 2023,” it added. 

In accordance with the suggestions of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, the higher education authority has created enabling regulations to make it easier for foreign higher education institutions to open campuses in India. 

Establishing an office for foreign affairs and alumni connect cells in universities is one of the steps emphasized by the National Education Policy (NEP), which also has other provisions for the internationalisation of India’s higher education system. 

“NEP 2020 has envisioned that “top universities in the world will be facilitated to operate in India.” For this, “a legislative framework facilitating such entry will be put in place, and such universities will be given special dispensation regarding regulatory, governance, and content norms on par with other autonomous institutions of India,” the draft regulations stated. 

“A regulatory framework allowing the entry of higher-ranked foreign universities, as envisaged in NEP, 2020, will provide an international dimension to higher education, enable Indian students to obtain foreign qualifications at an affordable cost, and make India an attractive global study destination. “These Regulations aim to facilitate the entry of foreign higher educational institutions into India,” the draft added. 

 (Source: OTV News

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