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UGC Chief: We Urge Student-Centered And Comprehensive Education 

On Monday, the chairman of the University Grants Commission, Jagadesh Kumar, expressed his joy over Karnataka adopting the National Education Policy (NEP) and urged universities to continue moving forward with its implementation. 

Speaking at the 57th convocation of Bangalore University, Kumar said, “Karnataka as a state is moving ahead very fast in implementing NEP.” “It is the only way to meet the aspirations of the younger generation.” 

Stating that self-discovery is the crux of NEP, he said: “Multi-disciplinary and holistic education is the top priority of the policy. For too long, our education was rigid and teacher-centric. We want it to be student-centric now.” 

The UGC president quoted from a shloka when he said that “only one-fourth of education should come from the teacher and the other three-fourths should come from experience, peer learning, and critical thinking”. He added that “the goal is not to sculpt you but to give you the chance to discover yourself.” 

At the convocation, degrees were awarded to almost 37,000 students, and 167 received gold medals. Governor and university chancellor Thaawarchand Gehlot left the function midway through after feeling unwell. 

(Source: The Times of India

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