The Value of “Webinars” in The Education

Webinars are one of the benefits that many people, particularly students for educational purposes, are reaping from the Internet. The convenience of studying or attending meetings from one’s home or another convenient location is provided by webinars. The Internet is incredibly helpful in the modern era. The world has become more united thanks to the Internet and its connection options.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of using webinars in education and why they’re now a necessary tool for students. 

What exactly is a webinar? 

The terms “webinar” and “seminar” were combined to create this term, which essentially sums up what it entails. According to the definition, it means using technology and the internet to deliver a seminar, presentation, or class. In a webinar, there is a two-way interplay, allowing teachers and students to share knowledge in real-time online or engage in conversation in live sessions. 

Real-time events occur during webinars. However, there are times when pre-recorded videos may be shared out of convenience or necessity. Attendees are informed in advance of the session’s start and end times in both scenarios. 

The session’s organisers can give attendees the materials they need, such as media files, links, and scenes. VoIP, or voice-over IP, is used by them to communicate with the attendees. Participants and instructors only need a computer or mobile device, as well as strong internet connectivity, to participate in webinars. 

Here are a few reasons why webinars are crucial for students:

1. Webinars are useful learning tools

Webinars are an affordable way to learn. Students avoid having to spend a lot of money on transportation and lodging. Teachers also don’t have to spend money on electricity and classrooms. Both students and teachers benefit from it. 

2. Make a recording and watch it at your convenience

With the help of web-based webinar software, you can record the webinar video if you are unable to attend a live webinar session for any reason. To register and run online webinar meetings, you can use a variety of tools, such as My Own Conference. 

One of the practical learning tools available to students is the webinar. It enables students to schedule time for group learning as well as record and share videos with friends. On the other hand, instructors don’t always have to appear in person; instead, they can record lectures and posts that students can watch while they’re preparing. 

3. Webinars promote interaction by maintaining confidentiality

Students can feel comfortable maintaining their privacy in webinar classes. On a single platform, all seminar participants can communicate with their instructor. This makes it a friendly method of instruction, especially for students who find it difficult to speak in front of large groups of people. In the chat box, students can conveniently ask any pertinent questions or voice any doubts.

4. The Lessons Offered by Webinars Are Diverse 

In contrast to typical learning methods, the webinar gives students a wide range of course options. Some of the courses a student wants may not be offered by schools and colleges. Additionally, it is simply not possible to enroll in two schools or institutes. 

Students can learn a second subject that is not covered in their regular coursework through webinars. The earlier-mentioned lack of a location barrier allows students to enroll in courses that might not be offered where they are from. 

5. Webinars allow participants to broaden their network connections

Students can network with others while also learning new skills through webinars. People with a common interest in learning can connect through webinars from all over the world.  

This means attendees can connect with like-minded individuals and support one another in their professions. There are more students who enroll in online classes than in traditional ones because of this. This increases networking opportunities for attendees. 

Scope of the study 

 With all these advantages, webinars are now a necessary tool for all students worldwide. It facilitates and expedites learning. Students now have a huge array of learning opportunities thanks to webinars. It provides a platform for subject-matter experts and qualified teachers to apply their knowledge and experience.


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