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The PGDM Course For Empowering Leaders- Admission Open For 2022-24 Session

PGDM Course, a 2 Years Post Graduate Program offered by autonomous B-Schools recognized by AICTE that focuses on providing practical knowledge of management. Knowledge in an individual’s life is always significant. It is important to acquire theoretical knowledge, but it is of no use without a practical experience for PGDM Course. As stated by Gift Gugu Mona- “Theoretical knowledge becomes meaningless, if cannot offer practical solutions to existing problems”. Practical knowledge encourages an individual to accomplish a realistic approach for life in general and in fetching a right job. Gaining practical knowledge ease the process of getting into the world of corporate. 

The PGDM Course, a 2-year post graduation diploma in management (PGDM), is among a few degrees that offers to get hands on corporate exposure and brush up interpersonal communication skills. Independent of the traditional books and theories the course provides a room for the practical knowledge that creates a platform to develop analytical and decision-making skills. 

Why To OPT For PGDM: 

  • A Ladder to corporate world: PGDM, provides a course program that enhances educational skills that promises a direct entry into the world of corporate as a management professional. 
  • High Salary: Choosing a career in management by acquiring a PGDM program enables a higher salary package even at an entry level if graduated from a reputed business school. 
  • Professional Growth: The course offers a platform to an endless learning atmosphere that develops managerial skills to handle challenges and to make quick decisions. It makes an individual grow vertically to the top position in a business organization. 
  • Increases Career Opportunities: The course enables employ ability in a corporate career in a high note. 
  • Placement Opportunities: The course provides a PGDM graduate to make more than one offer which facilitates the graduate to choose the best out of many offered in hands. PGDM program is becoming essential to get a job.
  • Helps To Build Network: The course reflects the importance of building contacts and networks of fellow professionals across the verticals, domains and industries that enrich professional standing firmer. 

Job Opportunities: 

The PGDM course ensures new heights of success in various sectors such as – Data Scientist, Consultant, Managerial, Project Manager,Auditor, General Accounting, Tax Accounting, Entrepreneurship and many more. 


The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management is to have at least three years of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline recognized by the Association of India Universities / AICTE as eligible for Post Graduate studies or equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India. 

Best PGDM Course: 

In the marketing business of college admission getting admitted into the best PGDM college is crucial. Standing vividly with pride of being among the Top PGDM college in Orissa, the Regional College of Management facilitates the best PGDM course in the state. The RGBS (RCM Global B-School), Bhubaneswar, the PGDM extension of RCM is the best B-School, with more than six international certificates, 100% placement and with one-on-one mentoring is the best PGDM college in Orissa. The course facilitates a great career position with a lucrative package. 

Reasons To Choose PGDM Program From RCM Global B School: 

PGDM course, at RGBS reflects passion for management and the industry-oriented curriculum keeps in accordance with the latest requirement by the industry. A PGDM course with the RGBS works on: 

  • Supplementing existing course curriculum with global certification. 
  • Finding new ways to upskill. 
  • Solving cases every week, to put the aspirants in the shoes of business leaders. 
  • Exchange of ideas, offer inputs, and seek out viewpoints with faculties from around the globe. 
  • Creating an innovative platform designed to learn from. 
  • Leaving every season with a broader outlook on the world. 
  • Discussion and debate with peers. 
  • Engagement in different activities- think polls, problem-solving exercises and short essay. 
  • Cold call or personal interact with faculties in the off-hours to succinctly state position on an issue in a matter of minutes. 
  • Breakdown of real-life scenarios and look at the management processes through a wider lens. 
  • Taking full advantage of every networking and social learning opportunities. 
  • On receiving valuable feedback around strategies and best practices in varying scenarios. 
  • Equipping with right set of skills such as leadership development and business confidence. 
  • Maintaining record of detailed reporting on performance progress. 

Though, there are so many reasons to go with a PGDM course to enhance career growth but choosing the best B-School out of many is vital. So, it is crucial to choose the best PGDM college to climb the ladder of success. The admission for the session -2022-2024 to the best PGDM College in Orissa-RCM, is on the go with an advantage of having a scholarship. Seal the deal to a greater future by an assurance of getting the best PGDM course from a top ranked B-School. As stated by Romi Kumari- “Don’t choose the right one choose the best one”. So, choose wise as at the end of the day the decisions we make decides our future. 


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