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The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives And Livelihoods 

An Introduction To The Concept:

The continuous march of technology has had an immense impact on human culture and society since weapons were first crafted from raw materials and the capacity to generate fire was achieved. In this blog we are going keep our focus on the impact that the technology is reflecting on our lives and livelihood as the technological advancement can be found everywhere Technology has transformed our environment and sculpted our lives into what they are now, from your automobile and the device you’re reading this article on to TV screens, airplanes, and beyond. 

Without a doubt, the use and need for technology is not limited, and this is the world that man has created for his own use, to save time and energy in order to create more. Of course, this is now possible due to the knowledge gained to think and create the unseeing to the current seeing things. 

The Technology:

Technology has made our lives more accessible and beneficial by transforming how we go about our daily lives. It has not only made everything faster but also more comfortable. And, as we progress in our lives, technology advances as well. We are surrounded by technology everywhere we look. Therefore, we cannot deny that we are relying on one or more forms of technology. If we talk about how technology has improved our lives, the list of advantages does not end here. Technology affects the world in numerous ways, but this essay has concentrated on the fundamental aspect of our daily lives that technology has enhanced. 

As we continue to discuss how technology has improved our lives, we must remember that every coin has two sides, and modern technology is no exception. It has brought both benefits and drawbacks to our lives. If it quickly connected us to the world at large, it also exposed us to several real vulnerability levels. 

The Impacts Of Technology On Our Civic Lives:

Today, technology has changed every individual’s life and made the entire globe a small area by the way we communicate with others. Now, through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., we have more exposure to the rest of the world. 

We can also connect to these platforms via numerous gadgets, making connections more rapid. It has transformed not only how individuals connect online, but also how they develop relationships. 

People nowadays like to converse online and build connections before meeting in person. It is also a safe choice for those who are uncomfortable meeting new individuals in person.  

Based on the data available online, we can also check for information and evaluate whether the individual is real or fake. 
People can meet each other virtually by participating in various discussion forums and chat rooms. Friends and relatives can plan events online without disrupting their everyday routine. 

The disadvantage is that people today are more active on social media platforms, where they publish everything from personal information to their current location. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for these details, which they can then use to abuse the victim. 

The Impacts Of Technology On Our Livelihood:

When it comes to how technology has affected our lives, advances in technology have put everything at our ease by making modern living more convenient. It has also made it possible to locate the nearest restaurant, dining area, hotel, and so on. We can even book movie tickets and shop for groceries and other necessities online. You can now access anything from anywhere on the globe thanks to the Internet of Things. 

Various applications made possible by technological tools have made it simple to purchase online aeroplane tickets, cinema tickets, hotels, restaurants, and so on. A user can also check the availability of seats, their positions, and so on, and make a reservation based on their preferences.  
We may purchase groceries, food, medicine, books, and other items online and have them delivered to our homes without leaving our homes.  
For convenience, we can also call and reserve online cab services. Wherever a person is in the world, he can follow various courses and learn things such as dancing, cooking, yoga, and so on. 

The availability of these services at home has increased people’s reliance on technology. They are no longer interested in going out to eat and meeting new people. There is a need to balance the physical and technological worlds so that humans can realize the importance of their own creation. The thing they build is to make life easier to some extent, but not to make life controlled by the technology that was man-made already.


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